Travel in times of COVID-19

Hello People!!

You can not certainly arrive in India, without any prior notice to the Government of India in these unprecedented times. Here is how you can do it for a hassle free journey.

Recently I traveled from Warsaw, Poland to New Delhi, India, and would like to share all the latest Rules & checkpoints to travel to India.

Hope they will help you as well, as much they did to us, In case of any queries let me know:

Travel Date- 08/01/21

Arrival in India- 09/01/21

Route- Warsaw- Dubai-New Delhi.

Airlines- Emirates

If you have a Temporary Resident Card or Valid Visa 
  • You can book flights from Warsaw to (Berlin, Frankfurt) Germany or Paris,France then to Mumbai or New Delhi, India.
  • Flights Operational in EU to India are KLM, Lufthansa & Air France.
  • Travel Time 20 hrs approx.
If you DO NOT have TRC or a Valid Visa,or awaiting TRC Decision     
  • There are not many Flights Operational from Poland to India, with Immigration to be done in Poland.
  • Best & Ethical option to travel from Poland – Dubai- India.
  • I took Emirates from Warsaw to Dubai to New Delhi.
  • Travel Time 14hrs – 5 hrs to Dubai + 3hrs to Delhi + 5-6 hrs wait time.

Flight Bookings-

Book Directly from Emirates Website, Flights every Alternate days:

Travel Guidelines to India as on Week 02’2021

  1. Register Yourself on the Air Suvidha Portal in Self Declaration Form for landing anywhere in India. Add all the traveling passengers details together.

You will receive the ERO Request Number, Save it for further process. You will need this form in every leg of the Journey.

2. You have three options to proceed in terms of COVID-19 Testings. Not applicable in case of UK.

2a. Either you get Tested yourself before your journey commence.

2b .Get Tested at the Airport you are landing on, Test Result make take 10 hours to 24 hours. You will need to wait in CoVID lounge or section of airport reserved for waiting . Price varies from 3500 to 8000 INR depending on airport. You can also pre book you test in advance.

2c. Opt for a 14 days Institutional Quarantine in an Airport Hotel or Hotel of Govt choosing. Fully Paid by You.. of course.

2d. In case of arrival from UK, Current rule says mandatory RTPCR Test at the Airport.

If opting for Point number 2a:

  • First, Get yourself tested for COVID-19 prior to begin your travel. Government of India rule says “Within 72 Hours of Arrival in India”.
  • Make sure the Test says RT-PCR with report in English & your name and other details correctly matching your passport.
  • Once you receive a “Negative Report” Upload it on the below link / airport website. Enter your ERO num from Air Suvidha form and apply for Exemption from 14 days Quarantine or Re-test at the Airport.

You shall receive your Exemption within few hours, Response from the authorities is quick and if its not approved they will provide a reason and ask for correction then reapply.

  • You will need to reapply for exemption if the rescheduled date of the flight exceeds 96 hours from the test done.
Documents you need to carry in Hard copy, to be shown on every checkpoint in the Journey
  • Copy of Air Suvidha Form. Take 2 copies or every passenger should have there own. Indian Immigration officers keep it with them.
  • Copy of Exemption letter, Even if its Awaited.
  • RT-PCR Reports in English for every passengers.
  • In case of Re-appeal, TRC Submission copy.

In case you don’t follow any of the above, you can still Travel but then you have to manually fill all these forms at the Airport while standing in queue.

CoVID Precautions taken in Flight:

  1. As per Government of India rule, Every Passenger should wear Mask & protective Shield during the Flight duration.
  2. Emirates provided Hygiene kits & Shields to every passenger & PPE gown to Aisle passengers.
  3. During Food & Beverage service, you can take the mask off but flight attendants ensure you wear your shield soon enough.
  4. Take extra hours in reaching Airports as due to all the Documentation checks, Flights get delayed or it takes long time in check-ins.
  5. Dubai Airports has Free RT-PCR test available for Visa on Arrival Passengers only.

Happy travel & Be Safe!!

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