Nature Uninterrupted, Munnar Kerala

Nature is not just a green background but a thriving essence of the countryside in Kerala. Every turn unfolds itself into a different shade of green more brighter than the previous one. That is how I felt Kerala was for me.

Returned from a week-long bliss in God’s own country Kerala, as people call it. We, of course, tried to explore the state as our usual self by road trip. As soon as we landed in Kochi, we got ourselves a rented car. Started the jaunt next morning to Munnar.

Munnar is a southern hill station ⛰famous for the oldest Tea plantations in India. But it offers more than just the tea plantations, be it National parks which is home to more than a dozen of endangered species of animals and plants. It cradles various Lakes, Dams, and Mountains filled with tropical forests.

Mother Nature is uninterrupted and kept in its truest form like it should be. A rare sight for sore metropolitan eyes. Blue skies, lush green roadsides & fresh tropical fruits……… 😇 Aahhh…perks of being on a vacation.

A Single post can’t do justice to the beauty this place holds, So here I am now keeping quiet 😷 and let my pictures do the talking.

Enjoy pieces of picturesque Munnar in the first post out of three post series for Kerala to be followed soon.

Attukal Waterfall
Hydel Park
Rented Zoom Car
First view tea Plantation
Out of a Fairytale land
Touch, feel & smell them
Amen, Never let my hand go
We the Coy people
You got to get carried away
Mommy & Us
Varied shades of green
Horticluture Garden
Can you smell the Aroma
Bursting with colors
Once is not enough
Neither does twice…
hat and dress
How Cool is my kid sister looking..
Forever for squeezing cheeks and catching smiles.

Enjoyed? 🤯 More posts and more delicious pictures in coming posts from Kerala Series.

Untill then enjoy and share your Kerala experiences in the comment section. Have you been Kerala?

Enjoy Life to the fullest 😍


Dessert by the dunes, Jaisalmer Rajastan

“Every Hundred feet the world changes” whoever said this would definitely not been to India. because if he did, he would have kept the number even lesser than hundred.

India carries numerous world’s inside it, at every 10 steps we have different getups & different visuals to look for.

Even though we have been to different parts of Rajasthan, but doing a road trip to Jaisalmer broaden our horizon towards the colorful state.

Jaisalmer Fort
Jaisalmer Fort
Jaisalmer Fort
Early Morning Fort view from Hotel

With the Jarring climate & being a border town, Jaisalmer is one thriving city I have ever been to. It’s more than the dessert & landscape with varying shades of Gold. Its got vivid character & humble soul to it and beauty which only its beholders can see.

Jaisalmer is approximately 900kms from New Delhi and is reachable via superb mishmash of Smooth National Highways. we drove a total of approx. 2200kms In & out with friends and it was altogether a different experience compared to when we drive alone.

As a tourist, you might want to visit Jaisalmer Fort, Gadisar Lake, Bara Bagh & Of course Sand dunes in Sam in Desert National Park. But I Like to travel offbeat and away from the maddening crowd. So we went to Longewal post and Tanot Mata Temple which is 180 km each side from Jaisalmer followed by lunch in a locality’s family in a tiny village midway. We didn’t know the family and they don’t know us but just because we shared the same family name. They offered us amazing homecooked Rajasthani food and warm feeling to cherish it in our hearts forever.

Fort Entrance. Early morning since it becomes crowded later
Windows from Fort
Rani Mahal
Those Red Hand marks are from Queens who did Jauhar in 13th Century
Canon made up of 5 Material Gold Silver Brass Iron & Bronze
Jaisalmer fort at night
Fort at Night
Gorgeous Sunset

Evenings we spent on sand dunes near the bonfire with our own drinks, food, and own Garbage bags. As an educated & responsible Tourist, It’s very important for all of us to carry our own shit instead of letting it be there for next tourists to see.

Sam sand dunes camps are Overrated, Overpriced & highly populated during high season. We haven’t done any package booking for dinner,dance & bonfire.

How can you plan this Roadtrip over any long weekends?

  • You need a drive first. rented or own, not necessarily a 4X4WD since roads are as smooth as butter. Traffic is not much, it’s sparsely populated after Ajmer highway.
  • Have at least two good & experienced drivers among the group.
  • Leave early in the morning from Delhi like 4:00AM and have breakfast near Jaipur which covers 25% of your route by 9:00AM.
  • The whole route is well equipped with Fuel stations and local Eateries. NO Worries
  • Follow the same while returning but keep two days aside for traveling and at least two days for the local stay.

Budgeting details (All figures are approx in INR and for round trip with your own Car)

  • 12K Fuel, rest depending upon the Car Mileage.
  • 2K Toll Taxes.
  • 2K per day for the hotel.Jaisal offers a lot of budget hotels & hostels. We stayed in a superb hostel (HosteLaVie Jaisalmer) for foreigner and its worth every penny.
  • 5K per person for tickets & recursion activities like dune bashing, Camel rides or parasailing etc.)

We reached Jaisalmer by 7:00pm and started at 4:45AM, with relaxed driving and stoppage at every 180-200kms.

temple top
Jain Temple Inside the Fort
Beautiful Carvings inside the temple
Insane Roofs
Jain Temple
Temple Inside
Jain Temple
How can basement be so beautiful?
jaisalmer war museum
Jaisalmer War Museum
Sam sand dunes
Sam Sand Dunes Camps
self portrait
Anything for good pictures
Thar Sunset
Sun is the king here
The Ship of Desert
Couple at sunset
Sunsets are Dramatic.
Dune Bashing at Thar in Thar
From where  I stand
BSF checkpost
Last Border security Checkpost
Trees in desert
Poor Animal. I was scared as hell on top of it.
Peaks at Bara Bagh
Bara Bagh
All Road leads to Desert, with visibility of 5kms
How to Brave the Sun, even in Winters
Daal Baati
Batti Bombs.Local food
Oldest Gate in the Fort
Early Morning scenes inside the Fort
Let’s accessorize!!!
big sun
Sunsets are my weakness
Windmills are my weakness.. too.. so dreamy
Perks of Roadtrip

Hope you liked the pictures & might find the information helpful. I am clearly suffering from Vacation overwhelmingness and just wanted to share.

People in such distant places are so pure and gentle that the usual cunningness and over smartness of metropolitan cities have not reached here yet. They are so content with whatever they have.

Ladies and Gentlemen that’s Jaisalmer for you ♥♥♥