Albania: Once an Isolated land of Eagles.

Why are you here??

A question I have been asked multiple times… right from the Immigration to Local shops to restaurants to fruit sellers. Albania was once an isolated land like North Korea or something as locals mention it. It still is so much so that India doesn’t have an embassy of it yet not even a consulate. You need to go to China to get Albanian visa as an Indian passport holder. Albanians are not sure why would anyone want to visit them as a tourist. and only thing made them famous to rest of the world was Movie Taken.

But visiting the country gave me an insight that they are more than just the negative publicity.Albanians are sweet & chatty. Cafe Culture is very prominent in whole of Europe so does in Albania. With every Evening, street gets light up and flooded with people in their favorite Cafes along the streets. You can sit for 2 hours with one order of coffee or a beer.

I stayed a week in Tirana, The Capital City of Albania surrounded by mountains on two sides and Sea on the others which makes it weather perfect for evening strolls or watch moving in open theaters again a social ritual in here. Scroll down to see Albania through my Lens.

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