Travel Tales-I

Hey, Beautiful people. Since I am not Traveling at the moment physically, but you know a Wanderer's soul. It keeps returning back to the places you have been to or you wish to be. So I was thinking of writing down few memories from the past, which I didn't share until now with you all. … Continue reading Travel Tales-I

Sacred Soil of Vrindavan, India

While going through the pages of my blog I realized that never have I ever written about Vrindavan. I visit this sacred land almost every month to meet our Idol Lord Krishna. So now I am doing it from my this month's visit. Vrindavan is the land of Lord Krishna where the divine lord has … Continue reading Sacred Soil of Vrindavan, India

Shimla, under the Deodars

Holidays provide the ultimate luxury of slowing down to enjoy the magical mornings and priceless sunsets. So to enjoy life's simple pleasures... I head to the mountains. Queen of Hills is where I'd rather be but anywhere else. Just like Britisher saw it while they were bossing around in India & made Shimla, the Summer … Continue reading Shimla, under the Deodars

London, All that Life can afford

                                 On this birthday, I found my self rolling my eyes towards London Streets. Though I was alone on my Birthday but even a bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else. London is proudly expensive yet deeply civilized, too common yet royal. London is bright like magical fairy dust, … Continue reading London, All that Life can afford