2017…Dispatched from Desk

Hey, 2017…

However, clichè it may sound but 2017 was whisked in the blink of an eye… felt like yesterday I was writing the goodbye to 2016. but that’s Life I believe.

I feel highly grateful and thankful for this year to be what it was. I accomplished the targets I had set for myself. some of them still ongoing & some I am putting an effort into to eventually make them effortless.

We traveled well this year and while doing that made memories we will cherish forever.

We at Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.
Long drive and stopping by for a random picture.

I got inked, a long pending wish I had to myself. It says “Free Bird” because I feel incredibly blessed and grateful to have a super supporting family. The Support and Strength I get from them is the wind beneath my wings.

Free Bird Tattoo
Free Bird
Happy New Year

I don’t believe in resolutions but targets. so for Mr’18. I made some new targets…

  • I’ll focus on building my brand and works towards self-improvement be it at work or keeping up with my health & body.
  • Of course, take time out to Travel more and write more. Cheers to the new places, the new countries & to the amazing experiences we will have.
  • Learn a new language. ESPA ÑOL it is ♥♥
  • Live Life to the fullest.

Let’s Thanks 2017 that kept us all Alive through it and Welcome 2018 to enjoy it even more.

New Year’s Day is every Man’s birthday- Charles Lamb.

Happy New Year to you and your family. I wish you all the very best for the new year.


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