A Quiet weekend at The Hague, Netherlands.

The Sun is finally, beginning to show up after the grey gothic days of winter.
We are almost out of March, and it seems this year is running like a toddler with candy in their hands.

Life going in full swing and I am adulting hard these days. I am craving a relaxed time on the beach super urgent.

Unfortunately on my last holiday to Den Hagg, I wasn’t able to enjoy the fullest due to viral flu. I did not take the Hague’s wind seriously and fall ill.

And Oh Yes!! The wind is the main character of the Hague story. It’s so chilling and powerful even on regular days that only a local can tell you how it is on stormy days.
After spending a superb day at the Mauritshuis Museum, I spent the rest of the weekend on potions and teas for sore throat but on the plus side, I caught up on my sleep in a very comfortable hotel bed.

Now, I am craving a relaxed time on the beach. While I daydream, Enjoy these pictures from Den Hagg I captured on my walks.

Den Hagg Bus Terminal
A Quiet Afternoon
The Mauritshuis Museum
The Beautiful roof of Passage
The Passage, One of the biggest Shopping malls in the Hague. It also house the biggest Apple store of Europe.
Perfect Parking spot
First City Hotel
Nieuwe Kerk Church, One of the oldest church and counted among 100 UNESCO dutch monuments.
Tulips in vibrant colors.

This picture could sum up Hague for me, Rich heritage & culture. Special mention to Art, If you are an Art lover or looking for conversation starters, quirky, breathtaking and one of kind Art. You MUST visit DEN HAGG. Local market has so many galleries with amazing ones that you would want to have all. They are Sustainable and have the past and future tightly roped in both hands.

Hope you enjoyed Den Hagg. Until Next time.. See yaa

20 responses to “A Quiet weekend at The Hague, Netherlands.”

  1. Gorgeous photos!

    I think that it is a wonderful experience for you to travel the world then to enjoy the act of writing about your trips and exciting tours.

    Great share!


  2. Beautiful images! Thank you for posting despite your illness. The members of my family who live in cold climates are traveling to warmer places this year, while those of us who live in sunny Southern California are relishing our unusually cool, wet winter.

    Liked by 2 people

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