Where there is Love,There is Life

Have you ever watched a Reality Show?? Like really followed it from its inception and even predicted the winner and drop the contestants even to their next show??? That is how I am feeling these days.

Weddings are no less than a reality show, you got some angry contestants, few hard to please ones, some pair of contestants who should never meet each other, cause you don’t need reality show fights. Of course Wild card entries which u didn’t kept a track off and now they are part of the show. Over achievers, who want all the attention to them. Senior artists, who make sure NO RASAM RIWAAZ should go unnoticed by Junior artist who are trying to figure out why they are doing what they are doing 🤯

And don’t get me started on the Venues, outfits, food, decorators, Menu selections & pulling it all together is an adventure in itself. Its one of those holiday, after which you need a holiday to get off the hangover. Speaking of hangovers The best part of weddings The People 🙄

So as the script writer of the Show…err Wedding!!!! Let me walk you guys down the Aisle….

The ceremony looked divine under the full moon & realms of Diyas.

If you liked the show.. give me a cheer 😁 LOL..

Let me sip on my margaritas until next time.. see you soon.

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