Jaipur, served on a Royal Platter πŸ‘‘

Its been two months since I am missing from the blog but It feels like ages since I have so much to share and to look forward to. Anyways I’ll start with Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The Pink City has always been a special place for us and the fact that its convinently located close to Capital is an added advantage. City offers best of hotels, royalty, vibrancy on the sides of history. I can’t even begin for the food it offers like shakes, pyaz kachori (fried onion dumplings) and Dal Battis(a local delicacy) are to die for 🀀

Every time we visit Jaipur, I have a secret plan in mind for jewellery shopping and food to hog on. Do try a Dhaba(food joint) next to Jaipur’s Bus Terminal. Its 24*7 open and food just melts in your mouth. You can’t have only one.

You must have seen pictures of Jaipur in Day, I’ll share how breathtaking it looks at night.

The Amer Fort, Jaipur

Amer Fort welcomes you first to the Pink City. As grand its looks in day, feels like a liquid Gold melting through the Night. First time I have seen Amer at night and was awestruck by its beauty.

The Albert Hall, Jaipur

I wonder, what It might have looked like, when the palace witnessed the royalty living through them. Just looks Majestic & Grand like a usual thing.


img_7835-1img_7839-1img_7856Taking Pictures of royal outfits is strictly prohibited but I kind of likes these challenges 🀫🀭img_7865-2img_7864-2img_7866-2img_7867-2img_7877-1img_7880-1

Hawa Mahal


Playing with Pigeons

Hope you liked the city through my lens. Do Share If have a favorite city?

Enjoy your weekend.


Endless Summer, Jaipur India

Royalty comes at a price!!! Well I lived this old saying when I visited the Royal City of Jaipur in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is famous for its royal, colorful and vibrant lifestyle.

But what its infamous for is its brutally hot Summers. So I Braved to Travel to its heart and capital city of Jaipur or Pink City as its fondly called. Jaipur got its name as Pink city is because most of the structures in here are made of Terracotta shaded Natural Stone which gives an evident impression of Pink blocks every where you go in the city.

I recommend you to travel to Jaipur to experience its Rich Heritage of Royal Families, Feel the vast cultural history, dive into the colorful markets, have a stomach full of fruit shakes with heart filled with Love and compassion from Rajasthani hospitality.

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