Travel Tales-I

Travel Tales-I

Hey, Beautiful people. Since I am not Traveling at the moment physically, but you know a Wanderer's soul. It keeps returning back to the places you have been to or you wish to be. So I was thinking of writing down few memories from the past, which I didn't share until now with you all. [...]

Keep Moving… & Lyf might take you to a cosy place

Hey Folks.. I am back to India last week with the mixed bag of feelings along with 7 hrs delay to an already 13hrs flight. It took forever to reach back home. My Delayed Flight was also an experience in its own with thunderstorm outside and some nasty fellow Indians inside. WHY...WHY Is it that [...]

A Celebration of 2 yrs and many more to come…..

Hey!!! I take this opportunity to thank you for being the wind beneath my wings and Sky above my Head. Its been two years to our journey of actually living together and enjoying the life as it comes but it feels like yesterday i was coming to ur home for first time. Somehow i always [...]