Mauritshuis, Den Haag Netherland

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While I am sipping coffee this gusty morning in the Hague, I can’t stop thinking about yesterday. I had the most amazing experience at the Mauritshuis Museum in Den Haag. So I thought I should post about it and document this creative enriching experience.

Mauritshuis is the main museum or as the dutch like to call it “The Royal Cabinet of Paintings”. I’ll be royalty myself if only I can have half of these Invaluable paintings in my cabinet.

It’s a splendid museum that contrasts the entrance and the rest of the floors. With the first look, You feel like you are going into a palace, then a completely opposite entrance of Scandinavian interiors, and then you are transported into 18th century- larger-than-life opulent halls. 16 rooms over 3 floors to be precise. Brocade-clad walls, magnificent chandeliers, and coco-hued big wooden halls.

Now I’ll take you to paintings that took my heart and blew my mind and left me in awe of the artist.

Girl with a Pearl Earring, circa 1665

“Girl with a Pearl Earring” was painted by Johannes Vermeer in 1665 and is his most famous one. As per the museum, it’s a ‘tronie’ i.e. the painting of an imaginary figure. Vermeer was the master of light. You can feel the softness of the girl’s face, how light is glimmering on her moist lips. You can only see half of her nose, but our mind does the trick of completing it, the same as the Pearl earring. It’s arguably the second most famous painting in the world after France’s The Mona Lisa.

That’s me with the Girl
Old Woman and Boy with Candles,c. 1616-1617

“Old Woman and Boy with Candles” were painted by Peter Raul Rubens. This shows an old woman gazes ahead, shielding her eyes from the candlelight, while the boy behind her holds his candle, ready to be lit. This style is famous for its playfulness with light. Rubens did not make this painting to be sold; instead, he retained possession of it. This is my second favorite from the whole lot.

A Boy Blowing Bubbles, c.1670

“A Boy Blowing Bubbles”, was painted by Caspar Netscher in 1670. This was such a tiny painting, which makes it more challenging. You have to look closely to see the delicate Bubble. One of my top 5 painting.

“The Bull” is such a grand Painting. One of the largest painting in the Mauritshuis. It leaves you spellbound. It was painted by Paulus Potter in 1647 and despite its large size, he paid a great attention to even smallest of details. Look at the white eye lashes of the sitting cow, glow of the Ram’s eyes and kind expression of shepherd. Loved it.

Woman Writing a Letter, c.1655

Painter “Gerard ter Borch” did this painting called “Woman Writing a Letter”, c.1655. and my eyes were glued to the carpet he painted along with its fringes. I might not able to even click with this detail that he painted.

Interior with a Woman Washing her Hands, 1675

I can almost feel the ivory satin & silk of her dress.

Laughing Boy
Diana and her Nymphs,c 1653 -1654 by Johannes Vermeer.

Paintings showing “The Adoration of the shepherds” for new born baby Jesus and the “Education of Virgin

The Mauritshuis on a sunny day.

Tips I used before and during the visit,

  • If you have a particular painting in mind for which you want to see, check its availability in the museum, on the website.
  • You can also email them in advance to check for any info or check on
  • Book the ticket and slot in advance for the ease.
  • The ticket is 19 euros for adults but free for children and students.
  • Download their App, it has a free Audio Tour of the museum and gives you fun facts about paintings.

Hope you liked my thoughts on the paintings. I was talking to a fellow visitor about the details of the paintings and he said “are you a painter?” and it made my day. For the record I am not.

Have a Creative day!!!

45 responses to “Mauritshuis, Den Haag Netherland”

  1. Oh what a lovely post and brought out wonderful memories for me. I used to live 15 minutes trem ride from the Mauritshuis and when I had troubles with my own paintings or wanted inspiration I could pop in any time I liked. Thank you.

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  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful paintings. The details the artists wove into them is astounding. It’s amazing to me how vibrant and lovely they are even after all these many, many years.

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  3. Thank you for this way of taken us to wonderful paintings. I particularly like the painting Old Woman and Boy With Candles by Rubens for style, composition, colour and theme. It is now my favourite of his work and I can see why he kept it. 🤩😍💕✨

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  4. This is certainly an amazing museum! I remember visiting briefly a few years ago but the Girl with the Pearl Earring really struck me. As you say, the light and colours of this piece are just perfect! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and this beautiful art!

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  5. What a day! So many famous paintings and painters. Love the picture with you and ” the girl”. Thank you for sharing all this beauty with us. Where there some restrictions with taking pictures in the museum?

    Liked by 2 people

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