London, All that Life can afford

                                 On this birthday, I found my self rolling my eyes towards London Streets. Though I was alone on my Birthday but even a bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else.

London is proudly expensive yet deeply civilized, too common yet royal. London is bright like magical fairy dust, celebrate its individuality and incredibly inspiring.

I was there only for 2 days in between the work so didn’t rushed into check in out the touristy places, just intended to soak in the bustling energy of London. Endless Gardens & Parks needs a special mention for this British capital. I went to Hyde Park which is around the Kensington Palace and Diana Memorial as she used to live in it. This Park is gorgeous and will leave you out of breath if you want to cover it on feet. Though every inch of it is gorgeous and Magnificent like a high definition painting.

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