Happy Fifth to us 😍

As cliche as it may sound but it feels like yesterday when we get married and took the challenge of being together with keeping our individual identities intact.

Being with him in the relationship since so many years, we become more like roommates, not lethargic ones but hot and exciting ones. Ironically we were always being fiercely independent in our ways of life yet dependent on each other.One incident from our D day which still gets us in gags.

So I was coming from the salon with a lady from the neighbourhood. All decked up as a bride, looking & sitting pretty (at least I believe so 🙄) in the front seat of her car. Just me and her. When suddenly her car tire burst out leaving🤯 both of us in a tricky. I obviously can’t go anywhere like that let alone changing a tire. Anyways we stopped and she goes out to look for a mechanic. I called him, my about to be husband (not to change the tire of course but if he can pick me) who happens to be on the same road in another car with his friends. In the meanwhile, Mr. Mechanic arrived & after giving me estranged looks he ordered me to setup out and stand on the footpath. Following his instructions, I stand there enjoying traffic.

Another part of the story, there was one more wedding ongoing where the stupid car broke down. Now excited people started coming out of this random wedding to welcome their bride which I clearly was NOT. Kids started gathering around me in hope of locking down first look of NEW BRIDE. After giving clarification to confusion via my eyes and trying to convince them that I am not their bride and they still need to wait to get their own. I carried on with my situation.

Yes, I was calling him and he was on the same road. Even after explaining him my situation that I am standing on the road & already pollution and dust has compacted my face. His response was “dekh le yaar main late ho raha hun” means you manage something I am getting late. 🤯 #mindblown.

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Wtf he was getting late for ??? What was he supposed to do without me in our marriage?

That day I got my first marriage lesson(even before being married) that there are side effects of being independent in the relationship but hey every relationship is different and whatever sails your boat. Important is to keep sailing.⛵️

After the storm
Grateful for the wishes that become our reality

Hope you find this story funny as much as I do. Cheers to many more years to come and forever standing tall with him.

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Love urself First…coz u are fabulous

Hey ….

Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

I am sure you all have celebrated the special day of love with the ones you love…

Definably  a day to celebrate the feeling of Love and Romance in the Air.   But truely how many of u really love yourself  before you do this honor for others.

well think about it when was the last time you really embrace yourself and felt really happy for who you are and thanked God.

Now is the time to do it.. Gift Yourself something you always want someone to buy it for you. Cherish your Life and Soul for the beautiful life you have and Share the Love…

Think about it…. Bye.