Travel Tales-I

Hey, Beautiful people.

Since I am not Traveling at the moment physically, but you know a Wanderer’s soul. It keeps returning back to the places you have been to or you wish to be. So I was thinking of writing down few memories from the past, which I didn’t share until now with you all.

It’s these Little experiences in life that enrich our lives and turn us into the storytellers we are. No matter how Bizarre, Wonderful, Weird, Happy, Funny, Scary or Awesome they may be. They sure to be life changing and teach us something or the other. I tried to pen down mine.ย  So grab a cup of Coffee and Read along.

  • ย Kungfu Rickshaw Puller – My First time in China was weird & full of absurd experiences. So There was this rickshaw puller who almost forcefully let us sit in his ride and signaled us 3 yuan, with his three little fingers.This was near the forbidden city so it was like going from exit gate of the city to entry gate of it for which 3 yuan seems only appropriate. As soon as we sat, he began to peddle his ride but only in opposite direction of the palace we were intended to go. Language barrier refrained us from putting our point to stop right there, he continued to pedal in full strokes. we reached a mishmash of narrow alleys and suspicious looking people. All I can think of was KungFu- hustle. Finally, he stopped in a shady alley and asked us for money. 300 yuan he was asking for less than a 10min ride which is the exorbitant price to pay. At first, I thought it all unreal but then he started hitting me………like a monkey with his tiny hands. All I could think of was to get out of that place looking like a set of Kungfu Panda movie. so I gave him the money and moved as fast as I can feeling conned and disgusted.


  • Open Show – Another of my absurd & weird experience also came from China. I am a big hygiene freak, especially when coming to the lavatory. Thoughts of using a public toilet give me a mini heart attack every time. But this incident has put altogether a different perspective to what could you experience in a god damn toilet. Public Toilets in China don’t have doors or anything. I was like What the Heyyy, no doors. Girls doing their business happily while talking to each other across the commodes, without bothering of the fact #nodoors. They were kind of enjoying themselves like having a tea party or something. Maybe it was for them but awful it was for me.



  • Doodle Curry – Vietnam is one of the calmest and serene countries with the sweetest of People. Vietnamese are also elaborated when it comes to their food choices. They eat everything and anything on the face of the earth. I went to one of my colleague’s home for an evening. He has few pets cats & dogs. At first, I thought he is an animal lover but soon this thought turned into a hiccup when he asked me which one of his three dogs I would like to have for dinner. No thanks were my answer of both dinner and my appetite that evening. Other than dogs they have a specialty for Snake Vodka, which is venomous snake drowned in Vodka and Wine Bottles.I braved to have Cobra vodka, One hell of an experience to handle that booze.



Hope you liked my stories. I will try to share more of such travel tales with you and also would like to hear from you.

Happy Holi to All.




Keep Moving… & Lyf might take you to a cosy place

Hey Folks..

I am back to India last week with the mixed bag of feelings along with 7 hrs delay to an already 13hrs flight. It took forever to reach back home.

My Delayed Flight was also an experience in its own with thunderstorm outside and some nasty fellow Indians inside.

WHY…WHY Is it that people forgot that Kindness and manners are still free in the world.. and how you behave reflects the Family and Country you came from….well may be this is the way of God telling you that you are still better than others.

Anyways, Its been non stop shopping and Dinner with Friends and Family ever since i came back to catch up with the three month’s jet lag.

Below are some of the pics during my China Stay where i experienced extreme changes in whether. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

WP_20150220_024 (3)
Snow Fall.. Seen it first time.. Amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

WP_20150220_022 (3)

WP_20150220_020 (2)



Symbol of China’s Growth… CCTV head office.




My Place


Finally Spring!!!