Rise & Shine 2020

WOW… I can’t believe I am writing this but we made it to the end of the decade. In less than a day, we will be stepping into the Twenties…

We will be welcoming a new family member this year…. more on that in the end 😉 read full to know more.

This time of the year is always nostalgic but this one makes more sensations as I look back to a decade of memories and blessings and gratitude for everything that life has offered.

At the start of the decade, I got one of the biggest blessings of my life that is NOKIA. Nokia is not just a company to me but an institution where I got some important life lessons apart from the work stuff. It rewired me from within, gave me a global perspective, integrity, values with self-confidence & self-love.

Beijing, On a Business Trip

Found my love for traveling with the love of my life, Well technically it was always there but it was signed, sealed & dispatched on the pages of the Fabulous Lyf, eight years ago…. straight from the heart ❤ ❤

Munnar, Kerala

We traveled far & wide, met some amazing people along the journey. The world is full of fabulous & unique people if you wish to see. You can always ignore negative & cranky ones for your own good #peaceofmind

Throwback to when we sailed on the Nile

We got married 6 years ago & it been a joyous ride since then.

Now in the twenties, My little sister is getting married. A lot of prep work is ongoing & we look forward to welcoming him into our lives. Welcome to our crazy family 😉 I wish them hearts full of love and heads full of fun.

The Best thing to hold onto in life is each other.

Live every moment to the fullest filled with Gratitude.

One of the biggest lessons I learned while growing up is to fill your life with gratitude and rest will be taken care of.

I have big gratitude & thank you for all you reading this. It was great our paths have crossed in this lifetime. Cheers to many more to follow 🥂

Cheers to starting over

Happy New year everyone. I hope you are having a blessed, fun and prosperous one and if not let’s start afresh 🥂

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