Cheers to Thirties

Recently I celebrated my 30th.

While over the years I never really paid attention to which year I m getting into but Boy!!! this one felt like a bullet. It took 30 years while living with yourself to understand how to thrive in spite of the world being a real bastard.

img_1114Over all these years, I finally able to understand my skin type (biggest question to follow during the teens), my body shape and more importantly myself as a human being. You know how you understand what suits you better and how advertisements can no longer fool you because you know yourself better than anyone else.

It takes a village to raise the inner child within you so that you could finally understand what is the difference between Oats and OatMeal.

I remember writing Myself essays in School or while introducing myself to my parent colleagues and when Bouncy Uncles and Sari-Clad aunties ask you “So Beta What are your Hobbies” and I was like running my mind with flashing speed questioning myself deep inside “What the hell are my Hobbies!!! Man”. At that time I used to say like Ummm Aunty Watching television ???  While after college this same question continues to haunt me with different angles taken up in Job Interviews like What are your Strengths?? and Again I was in the same spot..asking myself C’mon gal you can do this. What is my Strength? Pat comes the reply in my head I am a Sleeping beauty #dontjudge but Hard Working and Team Player is what best suits to the Resume😉

It also amazes me how you don’t see any change in your behavior but the world around you, never takes it easy on you. Things which you were doing casually up until now are suddenly being used to judge you coz you are a “GROWN UP” now.

I Sang at Office event


While I still have my goals to be achieved and plans to be made but right now am enjoying myself so cheers to the thirties…and wonderful lessons continue.

Go Ahead share with me how you felt when 30’s hit you. Any bits of advice you want to give to me #LookingForward

Cheers to Thirties!!!!


Celebrate Being Women everyday with Fashion and Passion

Hey you Women!!!


Like every year we will be celebrating yet another Women’s Day on 8th March, a Day which should celebrate the very fact that you are a women and have the power to change the society.

But Do we as  women are actually taking this power seriously or simply giving way to the world to pity on us and gave away some laws in our favour to improve our conditions.

I strongly believe that to improve your own situations, you have to standup for yourself first. Women needs to took the charge for their survival in their own hands and march in to the Man’s Territory head on.

First thing we need to be is strong physically, one of the main reason for violence against Women is that we are a weaker sex. Start taking care of your fitness and try to learn some karate/martial arts anything which gives you power to protect yourself.

Second thing is the open and focused mind, most of the girls i see are lost in their own world, day dreaming.. its not your fault but the world around us is just not ready for this. So for your own benefit stay focused and be accountable for the people around you and your own safety.

Remember nobody can take care of your safety like you yourself can so stop relying on the Government or Laws or the Men’s in your life and last Celebrate the fact of you being a women everyday with Fashion and Passion.

Happy Women’s Day to All.