The New Beginnings!!

Rashi & Avee

Unless you have been living under the rock, you sure knows that weddings in India are all fixations & obsession. Wedding celebrations stretches out to an at least 3 days. We too thought of keeping it an intimate family affair but it turns out to be 5 days with that intimate family 🙄

Weddings are the new beginnings on so many fronts, not only to the bride & groom but also to their families and friends. Though its a milestone on the journey of life but more so because it celebrates the commitment, the bond, the joy of finding a partner for life.

My thoughts aside, via this post I take you along the wedding diaries of my baby sister, Rashi with Avee. If you want to see how the big fat Indian weddings roll…come with me, its going to be long one 😉

But first Cheers!!

Mehendi Night

Making of a joyous bride
Mommy Love
Family picture with the bride
Deep Conversations in winter nights
Ladies night out
May you shine like star.. Always
Nothing without the Girls!!

Let’s put a Ring on it..

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I’ll share the wedding pictures in the next post.. Let me know what you think.

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