A day trip I didn’t know i need.

A day trip I didn’t know i need.

Oh my god, what an amazing fun time i had exploring some non touristy hidden palaces near Warsaw.

What more a girl can ask for than roaming around sixteen century palaces and gardens And great company to have conversations with And wine… Need I say more.

After months of being in lock down etc, this was a much needed break that i didn’t even know I needed.

I grabbed a day tour of Palaces of Mazovia near Warsaw.

The Manor House in Radonie from 17th- 18th century, which was restored in 2010 and since then opened for public.

A Little Cake & Coffee overlooking the mansion, Never hurts anyone.

The Manor House
Time passes by
The Group
Reminiscences of storms

Second Stop of the tour was a Vineyard called Dworzno vineyard, largest vineyard of Mazovia, even the country, called as “Masovian Tuscan”. It was gorgeous, Lush spread of grapevine bushes this time of the year. It was also enlightening to know how much effort goes into making a bottle of wine right from plucking the grapes, to cleaning, to ferment them in the right barrels and processing them. Even a day’s delay could waste the whole batch.

Wine loading animation bradnickerson

Never take that glass of vino for granted

Cheese Cake.to end it on a sweet note

Hope you liked this baby’s day out. Leaving these pictures here to relax.

Bye for now!!!

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