It’s simple to be happy but difficult to be simple

Its been five months in the so-called lockdown now and I had an epiphany about myself that I can’t bake a cake to save my life.

These slowed times have taught me to appreciate life even more and the people around me. I am NEVER gonna take a hug for granted, evening out with friends for granted, and breathing in the air without fear for granted.

Some parts of it were strict while some were breathable (pun intended). There were moments, when I felt, I can’t take it anymore to a few guilty ones of wishing this, shall remain the same. Because its fun to be home, to just slow down and literally smell the coffee.

Though five months sounded like a long period yet when I look back, I don’t remember how I spent this time. I watched seasons change, nature swung from winter to spring to summer. Noticed the meadows changing colors from shy pink to bright Fuschia now.

Netflixed through days & nights with useless knowledge. I mean, I know Ross & Rachel were on a break but what to do with this ton of information I have now.

Well, I sure have hopes that all this madness and suffering from the world will end soon but only time will tell the tale of how we rise from here.

Sharing some clicks from the most cherished times of 2020…. grocery shopping.

Golden hour
Of course Cake Failures!!!


20200611_150151_original 2
Walkthrough the old town
Into the Forest for a maskless walk.
Mind the Bridges!!

Share your time of lockdown with me if you want to or just sit back and relax. The world is in no rush, take one day at a time.

Good Night.

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