The land of the midnight Sun,Oslo Norway

Happy Summer People!!!

If I can decide on a place with the symphony of yacht horns, charging stations for electric boats, the calm of church bells, Tesla’s running as in taxi, and an epic fashionable crowd running errands alongside colored houses and ever screaming kleptomaniac Seagulls. It has to be Oslo, Norway

Oslo has all the elements of a Scandinavian European capital yet it paints a vibrant & distinct picture of old-world charm & modernity.

If you are going in summer you are in for a treat from the land of the midnight sun. But don’t be fooled by the shining Sun as the shops and restaurants will be closed on time so plan ahead.

Special mentions, The exorbitant prices for everything will give you chills but the taste of a good time will bring you back to life.

It was a perfect long weekend getaway for me, I tried to capture Oslo through my lens. I also listed some must-do places and experiences we indulged in, for you to check.

Oslo Cathedral
Statue of wartime resistance hero Gunnar Sønsteby

Oslo Fjord tour to discover unique islands on a Boat while sipping prosecco. It was a fun thing and must try for the experience on the water.

We bought the tour on GetYourGuide. You might check it out for options.

Summer Houses and Changing rooms
Old Church and Airport till the 1800s
Noble Peace Prize Centre

The Vigeland Park is one of Europe’s most significant sculpture parks and displays the works of Norweigan artist Gustav Vigeland. This is also known as Frogner Park.

His work depicts the Simple pleasures of family life, different roles we play in life, Kids, Father, Mother, Grandparents, etc. from Birth to death and beyond.

A woman was showing her kid these sculptures and said “some people are throwing their kids away which is very bad” 🙂
The Famous “Crying baby” statue of Oslo
I couldn’t get over the expressions carved in stone.

Oslo has such a vivid food culture, you might get any cuisine you crave for. We found some really cool places to eat and drink.

Apart from these, If looking for pocket-friendly Indian Food in place in Jaipur, Oslo. They have a Buffet every day which is quite fulfilling and the location is amazing as well.

Oslo Street Food is another fabulous food joint with multi-cuisine food trucks and game joints.

Vintage Narvesen Outlet

Himkok Oslo is one of the Top 50 Cocktail bars in the World and rightly so from the presentation to Flavours. Simply Amazing.

Himkok Oslo
Ren Mel for these heavenly Almond Croissants
W.B.SAMSON since 1894
Youngs Books and Drinks!! What’s not to Love

Hope you try my recommendations and enjoy Oslo as much as we did.

See yaa!!!

45 responses to “The land of the midnight Sun,Oslo Norway”

  1. I would love to visit Oslo and Norway in general! The island tour seems fantastic, and all of the houses overlooking the water look dreamy! Thanks for sharing your recommendations for places to eat and drink too!

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  2. Beautiful photos! I felt like I was walking along with you. The lush green grass, the beautiful waters, the tulips are gorgeous! That house overlooking the water is awesome. What a view they have everyday! Loved the tour. Thanks for sharing your beautiful trip.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Oh, my Dog! After reading the Barcelona post, Oslo at first seemed austere … until you got to the sculpture garden. The artist, and then your photos, so perfectly captured the emotions of his models. And then the almond croissant! I’m binge-reading your blog!!!
    BTW, your writing is captivating too. I had to read your first paragraph (if you don’t count the greeting as the first) over again as it conjured up a visual image that couldn’t be captured in a photo.

    Liked by 2 people

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