City of Love Barcelona, Spain

How often does it happen that you return from holidays and get busy with life at home? Then the ghost of travel pasts haunts you for not posting your pictures of the good times you had.

Well, it’s always the case with me.

My last destination on the Spain trip was Barcelona, the City of love. There is nothing which is not being called about the city already which makes it one of the most traveled destinations as well.

We had a fabulous time in Barcelona. There is a cool & lively Latina vibe to life in Barcelona with endless choices for drinks, tapas food with a side of jaw-dropping architecture, beaches, Flamenco dancing, and of course Love.

I made an attempt to capture the bustling energy of Barcelona in my pictures.

First thing first, the star attraction of Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia is a Basilica to be finished in 2026 since its construction began in 1882. It’s Antonio Gaudi’s design creation. He dedicated half his life to the construction of it. It has 18 towers out of which only 4 were completed when he was alive.

In fact, the whole area of the Eixample district is dedicated to Antonio Gaudi’s Architecture. The Eixample district is a very nice location to stay with all the tourist must-haves in the vicinity.

La Sagrada Familia
Nativity Facade on the front of Sagrada Familia
Fort Pienc
Moments of Freedom

This photo mosaic mural has been made thanks to the voluntary contribution of thousands of citizens who have donated photos that describe the maxim “moments of freedom”. The project was part of the celebrations commemorating the events of 1714 in Barcelona.

mi Amor

One of the oldest parts of Barcelona is in the Gothic Quarter, Its facades date back to the 19th century and from Roman times as well. Alleys of the Gothic Quarter is really dark and borderline scary.. well gothic & so is the architecture & figurines, etc.

Cathedral Barcelona
Bishop’s Bridge
La Rambla Street for endless food choices and shopping
La Boqueria, one of Europe’s largest & oldest food market
Churros forever
Beautiful & Calming Evening by the Sea

It’s safe to say I loved Barcelona and will certainly revisit to experience more that this place has to offer.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Bye for now πŸ₯‚

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  1. So many impressive buildings, a fantastic food market and an amazing beach!! I would love to go to Barcelona, but I’ll probably never get there. Thank you for sharing your visit with this great images!

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