When Sky touched the Sea.. Story of my First Cruise


Let’s get ship faced!!

All of us have moments in our lives where we feel blessed to be ALIVE, & not just blessed, grateful, ecstatic & euphoric. I am in pure bliss to have experienced all of these feelings and much more on my very  First Cruise Voyage. This is the story of how I soaked in the mighty blues of the Baltic Sea.

On my Swedish Summer’18  holiday, we planned for our maiden voyage to Finland. Two days of Baltic adventure along sides a new city to explore. though we have been to Finland earlier as well, the idea of reaching it via a ship filled me with childlike enthusiasm. and to my surprise, it was not ridiculously expensive as I thought it would be, easy & simple to book & no signs of seasickness.

Silja Line Seaport

Sweden is called as the capital of Scandinavia, its very convenient to explore northern European countries from Stockholm via cruises like Finland, Estonia Latvia or Gulf of Finland etc. If you never been to a Cruise before like me, Stockholm is the place to lose your sea virginity. We booked our Voyage via Tallink Silja on the northern side of the Baltic sea.

Most of the cruises are for the 24hr journey, they will drop you to the capital (whichever country you have booked) in the morning and pick you back in the evening, giving you a 12hr window in the city to enjoy a new country, culture, food, shopping etc. its the most convenient type. However, you can choose from 12hr types where you can enjoy the sea in broad daylight and wonder what good have you done in life to experience this serenity. Nature uninterrupted & untouched by human evolution.

Boarding Now!!!
Soaking the Sun
Breakfast on the Cruise
Our Bedroom on the Go
Another Room on Return
Floor Plan
Floor Plan
WhatsApp Image 2019-04-26 at 11.18.59 PM(1)
Inside Corridors on the Residential Floors
WhatsApp Image 2019-04-26 at 11.18.59 PM(2)
Splendid Dance Performances
WhatsApp Image 2019-04-26 at 11.18.59 PM(3)
Piano Bar
You will always find something beautiful on the sea
Water Water Everywhere
How Fascinating it was to watch this Giant Machinery in getting parked in Reverse.
WhatsApp Image 2019-04-26 at 11.18.59 PM
Parked Finally…
This View does something to the people like me
Waiting to be boarded!!
Go Vikings
Viking Line Cruises
A Different kind of Traffic

Few Tips, which helped me…

  1. Download the App for which ever cruise line you are booking from.They provide good discounts in there and its easier for Check IN.
  2. Carry some food with you, especially if traveling with kids and if have any food preferences.
  3. Make sure you know your Voyage timings for both boarding & return.
  4.  In case of Ship change, you can leave your stuff in Locker rooms instead of carrying it around town.
  5. You can buy booze inside the ship from duty free but only if you have a valid boarding pass, check before you board.

Hope everyone got to experience this insane beauty and vastness of the sea to cherish it forever. I am looking forward to more such trips in future because good vibes happen on the tides.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-26 at 11.10.22 PM(1)
Leaving you with this gorgeous sun rise as an inspiration.

Hope you liked my cruise Yatra.. pls share if you have been to cruise before & how was your experience.

Live life one cruise at a time….


Turku & Aland Islands, Finland

Hey Beautiful people,

Let me whisk you to a vintage castle. Turku, A 13th-century city which used be Finnish Capital & has an old world charm hidden from the world.

If I could describe cuppa noddles and movie nights as a place, a place as laid back as the feeling of spending Sundays in bed or diving into an old book ona a winter night. That place for me is Turku.

We are glad we stumbled upon Turku while booking a cruise on our Swedish summer dream. It was such a magical day with the sun shining bright, people running a marathon, the crowd cheering for runners, families a having picnic on their yachts in their brown river Aura.

I never heard of this place before I visited it even after been to Finland twice before. Chances are you also might not hear of the same, its world’s best-kept secret for me.

You can reach Turku via Car, bus or train from Helsinki and from neighboring countries like Sweden, Estonia or Latvia, you can catch a cruise. It can easily be your weekend getaway if staying in any of the locations. Its not very costly and has ample farmer markets for you to relish coffee & Bagels.

Along with Turku, we also visited the Aland Islands, an Archipelago in the Bay of Finland.

We enjoyed our day soaking in Finnish architectural history, Gothic architecture, Lush green & Romantic exteriors and lots of Sun.

Turku Cathedral
Old Great Square
Banks of River Aura
Soaking the Sun..Stylishly
Quiet an entrance to Cathedral
Wind chimes installed inside the Cathedral
The Last Supper
Every detail in these paintings is to die for.
Mediveal times
Hope & Faith
dsc_1311 (2)
Hanging Ships I wonder who have hang it there and what could be the objective
Ceilings, Did your jaws just dropped?
Hail the Lord


Another stop is, Turku Castle. A Medieval time cobbled stone largest surviving buidling in Finland.




River Aura
Aland Islands



Sailing the calm water
Turku.. Until next time

Hope you enjoyed this new city through my words. Do share if you have been the city.