Happy Fifth to us 😍

Happy Fifth to us 😍

As cliche as it may sound but it feels like yesterday when we get married and took the challenge of being together with keeping our individual identities intact. Being with him in the relationship since so many years, we become more like roommates, not lethargic ones but hot and exciting ones. Ironically we were always [...]

The Immortal Love, Agra India

A Big Hello to All!!!! Taj Mahal is one of the most immortal symbol of love. It's no secret unless you have been living under a stone. Its no brainer that this white Marble Mausoleum is Built by the Moghul emperor Mr. ShahJahan for his most beloved wife Mumtaz who died while giving birth to [...]

Love urself First…coz u are fabulous

Hey .... Happy Valentine's Day to all. I am sure you all have celebrated the special day of love with the ones you love... Definably  a day to celebrate the feeling of Love and Romance in the Air.   But truely how many of u really love yourself  before you do this honor for others. well [...]