To Infinity and Beyond Cairo,Egypt

Dear Egypt,

I was a complete strangers with you when we first met. But after 2 months now I can say that you are beautiful in all your ways. You hold abundance of histories, cultures and mysteries.

During our Stay, We have visited most of the must haves in Cairo and near by areas and leave some due suspected Security Warnings 😦  If you are visiting Cairo, you can use these Posts.

Enjoy the Pics and Videos from my stay.

On the Banks for Nile, View from my Room.

The Great Mosque of Muhammad Ali
Mosque of Muhammad Ali at Citadel of Cairo
Hanging church
The Coptic Orthodox Church also known as the Hanging Church
Serene Beauty

Nile Breathtakingly Beautiful at night

Dinner at Nile Maxim.. Must do when in Cairo
nile maxim 1
Lets be Weird together
Staircases at Hilton Residencies

Great Show at Nile Maxim. Click on it for videos.

Belly Dancer closing the Night at Nile Maxim

Nile City Casino for Luckier Fellows

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Sins of last nite #NileCityCasino #Cairo #Egypt

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Best Indian Food at Indira Restaurant at City Stars Mall, Cairo.
Egyptian wedding
Egyptian wedding
Nile ….. Until next time