Ist day in NSN Beijing, China

Hey frnds!!

I am Traveling again on a work-ation trip… basically work + vacation trip to Beijing, China.

Of all the Countries i have traveled so far.. i didn’t like Beijing even a bit 😦  I know its rude but sadly its true.

I had bad experience more as compared to gud one. People overall is not friendly at all. Communication is big problem in china. ppl dnt understand english actually i feel they dnt want to.

Stayed in Radisson Blue, which was gud but not of the same standard as we have in India.


Food is big issue in whole of China, majorly if you are a veggy 😦

Colorful breaky 🙂





My NSN Rocks !!!!


Will add more updates in coming post ..stay blessed 🙂


Chinese Lunar new year 2014 in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hey Ppl,

Well Lately , i Got the opportunity to visit one of the Asian countries at the time of the Lunar New Year 2014 or Chinese New Year 2014.

So here i am in Hanoi, Vietnam 🙂

People here are so warm,lovely with weird eating habits and boy!!! they celebrate new year with full zest and enthu like i have never seen at least. maybe because this is the only one week they take leave in whole year…..can u believe it well this is true.

See the celebrations on the streets of Hanoi during the Lunar week.






will be back again with more info and interesting pics.

See u later!!!!!!