Celebrate Being Women everyday with Fashion and Passion

Hey you Women!!!


Like every year we will be celebrating yet another Women’s Day on 8th March, a Day which should celebrate the very fact that you are a women and have the power to change the society.

But Do we asΒ  women are actually taking this power seriously or simply giving way to the world to pity on us and gave away some laws in our favour to improve our conditions.

I strongly believe that to improve your own situations, you have to standup for yourself first. Women needs to took the charge for their survival in their own hands and march in to the Man’s Territory head on.

First thing we need to be is strong physically, one of the main reason for violence against Women is that we are a weaker sex. Start taking care of your fitness and try to learn some karate/martial arts anything which gives you power to protect yourself.

Second thing is the open and focused mind, most of the girls i see are lost in their own world, day dreaming.. its not your fault but the world around us is just not ready for this. So for your own benefit stay focused and be accountable for the people around you and your own safety.

Remember nobody can take care of your safety like you yourself can so stop relying on the Government or Laws or the Men’s in your life and last Celebrate the fact of you being a women everyday with Fashion and Passion.

Happy Women’s Day to All.


South Africa – Secret Land full of Happiness…

Hey everybody,

I am writing this one a little late, but better late than never to write anything about such an amazing country called South Africa.

Got a chance in live in South Africa for 3 months or rather i say 3 months well spent in my life will be an understatement.

Though South Africa got it full independence or equal rights for all very late compared to rest of the world but Boy!!! what amazing Infrastructure, Social culture and natural beauty they have managed to developed in the short span of time.

This post is dedicated to the Wild Life reserves in and around Johannesburg- Pretoria in RSA.

I been to three major Wildlife Safari Parks during my stay.. they all great and an experience of a Lifetime.

Kruger National Park, The Lion Park & Pilanesberg Wildlife Reserve

Enjoy the pics..

May Encounter Dangerous Animals..remains in ur vehicles


White Lion
Ostrich.. I saw for the first time..
Baby Lion..taking a nap
Giraffe..Gentle and Subtle
Giraffe.. don’t care for the pic
Rocoon eyes..
African Zebras
Beauty till the end of ur site.
posing with a Giraffe
Any thing can cross ur road…anything.