The Naini Voyage, Nainital India

Hey !!!!

After 2 weeks of non stop Marriage Marathon, Me and my husband headed to Nainital, a Weekend Destination from New Delhi, to rest & relax.

We have been to Nainital before as well but this time it was purely for Relax and no Site Seeing.

This place holds a special place for me and my husband as somehow we met here 9 years ago and rest is history. If you still not been to Nainital, then its high time to plan a trip soon to the city of peace and soulful people.

We stayed for two days and just gone for boating in evenings in the Naini lake to admire the Serene Beauty of the lake.  Life is so easy in there that people can get everything for their day in just 100 bucks including everything you could possibly think of, Yes including drinks.

If you plan a trip in June/july, you can also got to see the Yacht Race which happens once a year with participants from all over India.

But in case you missed that you can hire a personal Yacht to roam in the lake, which is a little costly and scary to ride as the water level can touch your lap if the wind is blowing really high but you will not get hurt or boat will not loose its control.

Enjoy the pics,I tried to capture the beauty through the lens.

View from my Room
Lake After Thunderstorm!!!
Mall Road
From the Park
Random 1
Random 2
Clock Tower
Colorful Boats waiting for Riders
The Naini Lake
Boat House club
Scout The Yacht
Posing by the Lake
Always posing
Tired of Walking
View from the Boat Club


Some Must haves..
The Nainital Yacht Club
Sowing Boat
We the people…..
On the Way Home
See Yaa untill Next Time….

Keep Moving… & Lyf might take you to a cosy place

Hey Folks..

I am back to India last week with the mixed bag of feelings along with 7 hrs delay to an already 13hrs flight. It took forever to reach back home.

My Delayed Flight was also an experience in its own with thunderstorm outside and some nasty fellow Indians inside.

WHY…WHY Is it that people forgot that Kindness and manners are still free in the world.. and how you behave reflects the Family and Country you came from….well may be this is the way of God telling you that you are still better than others.

Anyways, Its been non stop shopping and Dinner with Friends and Family ever since i came back to catch up with the three month’s jet lag.

Below are some of the pics during my China Stay where i experienced extreme changes in whether. Enjoy 🙂

WP_20150220_024 (3)
Snow Fall.. Seen it first time.. Amazing 🙂

WP_20150220_022 (3)

WP_20150220_020 (2)



Symbol of China’s Growth… CCTV head office.




My Place


Finally Spring!!!