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  • Love Letters from fall

    Love Letters from fall

    As we bid farewell to Autumn and welcome Winters our old friend, so I wanna change my answer to The Fall. For what you may ask? To my favorite season. It was summer all along, but now I wanna change it to the golden Fall. I just can’t get enough of the beauty around in…

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  • A day trip I didn’t know i need.

    A day trip I didn’t know i need.

    A day trip I didn’t know i need. Oh my god, what an amazing fun time i had exploring some non touristy hidden palaces near Warsaw. What more a girl can ask for than roaming around sixteen century palaces and gardens And great company to have conversations with And wine… Need I say more. After…

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  • Happy Summer

    Happy Summer

    The Sun is shining its brightest, Opal Skies and nature waking up with a yawn. Giving Life to the hibernated Souls and just like the feel of a warm hug … Summer is upon us. With all the things happening in the world around , It feels really good to see people returning to normalcy,…

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  • Get Well Soon my Delhi, India

    Get Well Soon my Delhi, India

    Hey Delhi my Love, Though I am not born in Delhi, You are the one where I took my first step as a child and also where I took many of my first independent steps in my adulthood. It breaks my heart to see you like this, gasping for air & just trying to keep…

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  • Happy Easter Sunday, Warsaw

    Happy Easter Sunday, Warsaw

    Happy Easter to everyone. Easter to me is a festival that celebrates HOPE. Hope for a better tomorrow. To have a future with divine presence. It’s only fair that Easter falls in the transition weather from Winter to Spring. Spring brings the awakening of nature from winter slumber. Everything feels like a chain reaction waiting…

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  • Travel in times of COVID-19

    Travel in times of COVID-19

    Hello People!! You can not certainly arrive in India, without any prior notice to the Government of India in these unprecedented times. Here is how you can do it for a hassle free journey. Recently I traveled from Warsaw, Poland to New Delhi, India, and would like to share all the latest Rules & checkpoints…

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