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  • Happy Summer

    Happy Summer

    The Sun is shining its brightest, Opal Skies and nature waking up with a yawn. Giving Life to the hibernated Souls and just like the feel of a warm hug … Summer is upon us. With all the things happening in the world around , It feels really good to see people returning to normalcy, […]

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  • Get Well Soon my Delhi, India

    Get Well Soon my Delhi, India

    Hey Delhi my Love, Though I am not born in Delhi, You are the one where I took my first step as a child and also where I took many of my first independent steps in my adulthood. It breaks my heart to see you like this, gasping for air & just trying to keep […]

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  • Happy Easter Sunday, Warsaw

    Happy Easter Sunday, Warsaw

    Happy Easter to everyone. Easter to me is a festival that celebrates HOPE. Hope for a better tomorrow. To have a future with divine presence. It’s only fair that Easter falls in the transition weather from Winter to Spring. Spring brings the awakening of nature from winter slumber. Everything feels like a chain reaction waiting […]

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  • Travel in times of COVID-19

    Travel in times of COVID-19

    Hello People!! You can not certainly arrive in India, without any prior notice to the Government of India in these unprecedented times. Here is how you can do it for a hassle free journey. Recently I traveled from Warsaw, Poland to New Delhi, India, and would like to share all the latest Rules & checkpoints […]

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  • Step up & Shine 2021

    Step up & Shine 2021

    2021 will be the year when we wake up from our long slumber of the great 2020s. As cliched as it may sound that new year, new beginnings but the world could use a new beginning all over again. It was the year of the unexpected with the ubiquitous fear & fight to survive that […]

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  • Joy to the World!! Merry Christmas

    Joy to the World!! Merry Christmas

    Christmas is in the Air. Magical might come close to what Christmas decorations in Warsaw feel like this year. All the festivals in the world are about Family, Friends, Food & making memories. Christmas is no different as the yearly reminder of the abundance on your plates, laugh riots with your loved ones & having […]

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