The Sun, Vitamin Sea & Ibiza Spain

Hello Party people,

Fasten your seat belts, because we are going to Ibiza.

I was probably in school when Vengaboys announced in their bouncy ways that they were indeed going to Ibiza. In the Mediterranean sea & they were gonna have a party.

I was curious about Ibiza since then but never really thought I would also go there someday.

The second best thing my husband has ever done is to add Ibiza to our Spain itinerary. The first being surrendering his will to me 15 years ago.

Ibiza is idyllic with crystal clear shimmering turquoise waters changing color with each passing hour. Rocky beaches and lanky Palm trees make a breathtaking picturesque view.

The Vibe on the island is laid back, languid, and easy-going so much so that even the sun wakes up at 8 in the morning and sets up by 9 but only after presenting a full-on show at sunset.

I couldn’t get enough of the view of the early morning sea and waking up to the sound of seagulls was a soul relaxing way to start up my days on the island. We spent most of our days exploring the island on foot, soaking in the sun and sipping on sangrias.

First View of the sea from Hotel Lawn
Dalt Vita
Port d’Eivissa

Pictures can’t do justice to the calming beauty of the island. I loved the white houses with bright color popping windows and doors.

Dalt Vita corridors
Ibiza Port View
As bright as I could get
From the Top of Fort
Inside Ibiza Castle
Isidor Macabich’s status also known as The Old Man Statue with book
Father & Daughter Walking Statue to honor the Hippy origins of the Island
Colors all around
Placa del Parc at night

Afternoon walks in the city center for coffee and finding these wall arts in a tunnel.

slow cafes everywhere
View from the Balcony

We stayed in the THB Los Molinos Hotel, the view was breathtaking from the room and the beach was right outside the hotel boundary.

Solitary Seagull
Old World Charm
Last Day Picnic to celebrate the Sun & Sea & wonderful time we had🥂

Enjoy the pictures while I prepare for the rest of my Spain holidays before heading back home 🥂

2 responses to “The Sun, Vitamin Sea & Ibiza Spain”

  1. Thank you so much for luring me to your site with a comment on mine! Of course, I immediately clicked on this post as I have such rich memories of my own trip to Spain. Especially evocative was the image of the three gentlemen, seated seaside on a bench. I was struck by how elegantly the Spaniards dressed, especially the elderly.
    Your husband is really good at capturing the feel of the place – the photos of you in your blue dress blowing in the breeze.


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