Winter Wonderland in Zakopane

Hello Beautiful people!!!

Hows are the holidays going on for you?

Let me take you to the winter wonderland in Zakopane, Poland.

Zakopane is as breathtaking in winters as it was in summer. Pristine white untouched layers and layers of snow.

View from the Window

Mountains all around covered in snow, present a different shade with every change in the Sun’s position.

Snow has always captured me with child-like excitement, no matter how many times I have seen snowfall. How amazing and sacred it is that something like a snowflake literally is a god sent and you are always the only human on earth to touch it, coz it has gone once u touch it.

Snow brings out the character of an otherwise limp & dried nature in winters.

On a quick gateway from Warsaw, there exist beautiful heaven in the Tatra Mountains untouched by touristy glam.

We did the trek to the valleys and hills and The Tatra national park depending upon the weather. The thing I like about the place is that you have various options to choose from for your daily activity.

You can of course choose to just relax in the hotel and enjoy the view from the warmth of your room or can trek to many “Dolina” which is a valley in polish or you could also Skiing.

The Sun & Snow..ahh Magical
Which way to go ?? Valleys are well marked
find me
Rektoralny Church of Our Lady Queen of the World
Evening Sky
Kurowska street zakopane

We had a very “chilled” time in Zakopane. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Have a cozy time with your family and loved ones.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

Illuminated Christmas Tree Under Snow | GIF | Christmas scenes, Beautiful  christmas, Christmas pictures

10 responses to “Winter Wonderland in Zakopane”

  1. Beautiful photos! While I am not a fan of snow, I do think it is beautiful if I don’t have to drive in it. It would be nice to live near a downtown shopping area to be able to walk there in the snow and enjoy the shops and the scenery. But driving there is out of the question for me. I did enjoy your photos. Thank you for sharing.

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