Get Well Soon my Delhi, India

Hey Delhi my Love,

Though I am not born in Delhi, You are the one where I took my first step as a child and also where I took many of my first independent steps in my adulthood.

It breaks my heart to see you like this, gasping for air & just trying to keep your head above the water.

I am feeling a broad spectrum of emotions these days, so thought of writing them down. It might help someone as well.

Fear of uncertainty, Anger on the situation. I am angry with the so-called leaders for not taking care, angry at people for not following the covid norms. Grateful for every recovery, Relieved on every normal Oxygen and Pulse level, But above all Helpless for not able to do anything to stop it all from happening.

I don’t even have to track the Covid numbers now when all my family, friends & Colleagues are becoming the statistics themselves.

We are on our own and yet we are in this together..

Unfortunately, my list of people to be checked on their recovery is keep on increases with each passing day.

Yet I insist on Keep checking on your loved ones. Keep try to help everyone in whichever you can, whatever way you know fitting.

Be Gentle towards your delivery guy, Pharmacy and Doctors, they are doing there best they can. Their hands are as tied as yours.

Consider yourself blessed if you won your fight against corona, Let others also be on the winning end with you. Donate your Plasma

Don’t know if this is for you or for me to hear…. Things will be better soon.. It has to be..

We will come out of it soon.. hang in there 🙏

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