Happy Easter Sunday, Warsaw

Happy Easter to everyone.

Easter to me is a festival that celebrates HOPE.

Hope for a better tomorrow. To have a future with divine presence. It’s only fair that Easter falls in the transition weather from Winter to Spring.

Spring brings the awakening of nature from winter slumber. Everything feels like a chain reaction waiting to happen. Nature itself is promoting the renewal from within. We all can take a cue from time to time.

In these testing times, what we really need is the Hope that things will get better from here. I for one celebrate it in the company of good people and on a small trek on the languid tracks of a forest at the end of Warsaw called kabaty.

With chill in the air and the bright Sun shining in the bluest of skies, it was a lovely day for a trek.

Grab some cake and coffee to enjoy some pictures of my beautiful day in the woods.

Have a wonderful time ahead you beautiful people.

See you next time with another day another story

40 Great Happy Easter Gif

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