Joy to the World!! Merry Christmas

Christmas is in the Air.

Magical might come close to what Christmas decorations in Warsaw feel like this year.

All the festivals in the world are about Family, Friends, Food & making memories. Christmas is no different as the yearly reminder of the abundance on your plates, laugh riots with your loved ones & having endless conversations.

Even if you could not be with your family this year, remember to call them, have video calls, spoil them with online gifts and send a little prayer for them out in the universe. Just make them feel special. God knows we need all these things to make it extra special this year.

This year’s Illuminations reflects the spirit of pre-war Warsaw and indeed it looks Enchanted, beautiful & breathtaking. Pictures cannot do justice to the hard work & thought fullness that must have been done to make it so. The darkness of the Night plays a perfect backdrop for them to glow and be Luminous.

If you haven’t been to Warsaw, you must choose a time during Christmas. These decorations will be here till the end of Feb, So if you like winter & old world charms then Warsaw is the place for you to be.

As the World is on the verge of coming out of a pandemic, this time of the year is such a healer for distressed hearts & minds.

Though we are still not out of the woods I feel so grateful to experience these lights and they spark so much joy.

So let’s make a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the lights.

Balloon Seller
Town Hall of the Old Town. This is the biggest Christmas tree in Poland 54fts.
Warsaw Barrel Organ
Mother Mary
Guiding Star
Gazebo for lovers
Christmas card for Santa
Thank you to Doctors
Meet me in the tunnel
Chess Pieces
The Rose Garden in the Royal Garden of Wilanow Palace was just amazing and eye-catching. Thousands of Bulb Roses dancing with changing colors from shy pink to orange to fuchsia.
Wilanow Palace

Hope these decorations lit up your heart & sparked joy in you.

Love & Light to all of you.

Merry Christmas !!! Enjoy the music!!

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