Overcoming Inner mountains in Zakopane, Poland.

God was clearly showing off when he created Zakopane.

Otherwise, how would you explain the majestic mountains with numerous shades of green? Each one different than the other, each one more vibrant than the other. Skies changing colors with each passing hour and flowers in the brightest color possible. Enchanted in the force of nature.

After a long & safe home lock down, we were keen on going on an active holiday to regain lost fitness. A hike in the mountains was both tempting & dubious. Tempted to be in nature without masks etc & doubtful whether we’ll be able to return to civilization or can we walk this much or will we be safe in the middle of all this? But I am glad we over came these inner mountains.

The Tatra Mountains are on the southern side of Poland. Zakopane is the town situated in the valley of Tatras. Surrounded by hills & mountains, it gives a magnificent view of Sun rise, Sun set & everything in between.

Zakopane is such a gem hidden in plain sight. It is well connected by Road & train from anywhere in Poland. Once you reach here, the only decisions you need to make in Zakopane is which Hill to be trekked on today?

Without any further blabbering Let’s Leave the roads and take the trails…. Shall we!!!!

Zakopane Wooden Sign
Cow Mamas

On Day 1, We started with a 20KM trek to the Morskie oko lake in the Tatra Mountains. Its the largest lake in the Tatras. Water is crystal clear with blueish-green accents. Its so clear you can even see fishes & sand beds in the base of the lake. What I loved about the whole Tatra national Park when I reached the lake is its so well preserved & maintained. It is strictly prohibited to touch the water anywhere in the whole Tatras as its natural spring water and used for drinking in the valley.

Panoramic View of the valley
Take frequent breaks
Nature smiles in Flowers
You can even opt for Horse buggy ride till half of the way.
Nature will always come to your rescue.
We made it to the top
First Look of the Lake
The Morskie oko Lake
Morskie Oko is also called as the Eye of the sea

On our second day, we went to Gubalowka hill for troll in the woods. Its a small mountain, where you can reach with cable cars or tunnel metros and old school trek as well. you can enjoy the panoramic view of Zakopane from the top, enjoy famous polish sheep milk cheese or adventure activities like paragliding, gravity slide etc.

View from the Top
Sheep grazing
Pizza Anyone??? After a long day..

It was a beautiful holiday and much needed one. I was really amazed that I could walk this much and this have given me confidence to go on many more in coming times.

I wish for you to be safe and take your time in adjusting with the new normal. The World is in No rush. Take your time, enjoy & Relax.

Happy Weekend!! Cheers!!

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