Molten Gold

Hey Fabulous Fellas!!

This is my first post in the Closet Files, Since I have all the time in the world to do whatever I want to. Here I am starting a new category on my blog to document my love for Saree and all things gorgeous.

This Saree here is from 2014 festive collection of Raw Mango, which is hand woven engineered textile.

“It has a Kadwa Brocade technique of Varanasi. Kadwa implies to the ornamentation of motifs using extra weft. The patterns, etched in gold against silk background achieved a remarkable clarity of pattern and forms with gem like enamelling” as per Raw Mango press notes.

I wore it for a family dinner and loved the way it falls and settles on curves. Truly a heritage piece to own, paired with silk purple blouse.

If you want to buy this one, you can check with Raw mango team for availability by emailing them. This for sure is one of my Prized Possession in my closet.


Hope you like this new series, because I sure did 🙂


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