Treat for your eyes @ Backwaters, Kerala

If not Now, then When.. If not Here, then Where !!

I was skeptical about shall I share these year old pictures from the Backwaters of Kerala, or is it too late to that. But then I think of this quote. Well and gave it a go-ahead right there and then!!

More than anything this post is serving HOPE!!

These pictures are reassuring that in the end everything will be just fine and we will be able to again breathe into the open air, embrace each other’s company without social distancing and travel far and wide with our loved companions.

It was a beautiful, hot & humid day in Alappuzha, famously knows as backwaters of Kerala from the Arabian sea. Its a labyrinth of the water canals channeling across the villages of Alleppey. Backwaters are as laid back as it can get.

All you can see and think of is the houseboats, coconut trees hugging the canals and nature putting out there a show for you to be mesmerized.

Though there are several options for hiring a houseboat for your entire stay on the water, we stayed in a hotel on the shore for our sanity and spent a complete day on a boat while sailing on the water.

What I didn’t like was these houseboats were dropping their kitchen waste (I think) in the water itself, which was very heartbroken and cruel to nature. If this being continued, these canals will only become a big flowing gutter over time.

Enjoy these pictures while you are staying inside your homes and pray for this beautiful world to heal…

Two Houseboat
Fun Ladies
Houeboat kerala

Alleppey, Kerala

the scenery while driving.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and I wish you to travel again even if it is just outside your home.

Take good care of yourself!!

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