The Golden Gate of San Francisco

We are living in a crazy times, not just normal crazy, mind twitchingly crazy. Though difficult, but its important to keep ourselves highly motivated and positive. As I am on a self quarantine, time on my side So bear with me and I promise to make it picturesque.

In a quest to do so I was going through the pictures of simpler times and realized that I never shared my blog from The Golden Gates of San Francisco. So here it goes..

This is my third and finally the last post from Americano Holidays. After LA & Vegas, one from base camp San Francisco was highly due..No?

Edged with Hills and Ocean and everything in between, there is no shortage of awestruck scenic views, orchards of long grove & inspirational long drives in San Fran.

The Golden Bridge is an engineering marvel, and if u like nerdy stuff like me then you are in for a treat when you experience it for the first time. Needless to say, the Bridge is positioned in between coastal mountains & sea which makes it even tougher due to changing pressures, fog, Rust and weight suspensions to over come to make it work.

Next Stop, Palace of fine arts which is a magnificent structure is the middle of nature’s lap. I loved the vibe of the place, kids were enjoying themselves, birds were chirping, ducks were quacking and adults were busy doing what we does best ” playing with their phones” 🙄

Night Strolls in Christmas markets

17 miles Drive, another gem for celebrating natural beauty along the pebble beach and high – low roads. Amazing Sun, Sea breeze, Seagulls squawking, Sand.. what more do you need to enjoy a picnic.

Oldest Cypress Trees in Existence
Cool place to play Golf.
This is Lone Cypress

The Lone Cypress, standing with a test of time since 250 years and braved this shaken pedestal by wind, Fog & Water. If you look closely, its been tied to rope to give it a firm support. Nature Thriving isn’t it.

Danger in Red
Double the Danger
Will keep this view with us forever.
A quite evening by the Bay and with the BAEs
Take me Back!!!

That’s all for today…

I hope you like my pictures and SFO through my lens!!! Now if you excuse me I need to WASH my hands.. and hope you do too 🥂

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