California Dreaming, Los Angeles

Hey People,

This is my second post from our trip to Las Vegas for new year’s eve in USA last month, we got to spend a day in Los Angeles. Its where the rich & famous of the Hollywood lives.

Los Angeles has this unique infectious energy to the city, the Sun, the water, the iconic coconut palm trees, Skate boarding, Wave Surfing, live singers & Graffiti Artists, take your pick or all at once makes you believe life should be a long holiday 🙂

It was a layover day spent taking a stroll on the Venice Boardwalk beach, having the sinful calorie at The Cheese Cake Factory & SHOPPING at the Beverly Hill’s Rodeo Drive.

Rodeo Drive in the Beverly Hills where the well heeled loves to shop. As a shopping enthusiast, It felt phenomenal to saw where it all started. I witnessed “The Rich has arrived” on power wheels and stand in queue outside the houses of fashion. you got to feed the addiction #Period

I tried to capture the essence of the day in the pictures.. GEAR UP!!! Its going to be a long one…

Skating or Flying?? You Decide
California Dreaming
Relaxing on the Top
Venice on the Road
Gabriel Amazing talent
Options at The Cheese Cake factory
Graffiti play
The Rodeo Drive
Happy Faces
Views on the road
We loved the spot 🙂

Hope you liked this sunny day as much as i loved it..

Thanks for stopping by the blog 😉 Let me know how to like them.

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