Its Vegas baby!!!

What is the Happiest Place on the Earth?? for adults if I may add?? Its got to be Vegas.

This was my first visit to the United States America, the Land of the free & the home of the Brave. So glad that we could make it to Vegas on this very first one. Never in my wildest of dreams, I could imagine spending the new year’s eve on the strip.

Imagine to have a joy ride on an eccentric roller coaster in a neon filled whimsical town in the middle of the dessert, that was Las Vegas for me.


Vegas’s Day & Night are in complete contrast. There are NO Early mornings in here, Only late – very late nights like 5 am in the night kind of night. It looks dull in the morning with dead hungover zombies walking looking for coffee. Nights are the souls infused back into the bodies. Full of energy with brightest neon lights, free-flowing booze, and casinos running on easy money.

View from the Window

We stayed at the fabulous Flamingo Hotel on the Strip. It’s one of the oldest hotels in Vegas. Vegas Strip is a long stretch in Clark county which has a high concentration of hotels, night clubs & casinos. If you plan to visit Vegas, I highly recommend staying on the Flamingo.

Flamingos in the hotel backyard
Ducks & Flamingos Lounging on one leg
Morning strolls in the bay
Get me something to Eat
Gordon Ramsay’s Fish n Chips
Happy in my tummy
Seven Magic Mountains, Vegas
Mojave Dessert outside Vegas in Nevada
The Seven Magic Mountains

Enjoy how the night unfoldes in Vegas Like your wildest fantasies can become true here without no one judging & caring in the world. I guess now I understand why they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas because nowhere else it would be understandable.

The Mirage Hotel
The Flamingo Hotel
Royale Casino
The Venetian Hotel
Planet Hollywood
Paris @ Planet Hollywood
New York in Vegas
Partaayy Limos
The Original Hard Rock Cafe
Paris in Vegas
Margaritas all day long
First view of Vegas
Fountain Show at the Bellagio Hotel
The fountain show was fantastic
Volcano Show at the Mirage
Happy New year celebrations at the Caesars Palace

I hope you liked Vegas. Pictures couldn’t do justice to the sedative energy of the party town. Stay tuned for more of my blogs from Trump Land.

Once Again Happy Twenty Twenty to yaa…

5 responses to “Its Vegas baby!!!”

  1. It was fun to see Vegas through your forgiving eyes. I am forced to drive through Las Vegas several times a year on my way to adventures in Utah, but I make a point to have enough gas to avoid getting off the freeway and dealing with the crazy traffic.
    I know that there is a contingent that proudly proclaims that America is Trump Land, but there are just as many (and evidently a wee bit more) who would beg to differ. I sincerely hope all Americans made you feel welcome.

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      • If you are inclined to see the natural sights, which your images of the Mojave Natural Preserve & Monument indicate, you should check out Valley of Fire State Park. It’s Nevada’s oldest state park and contains a lovely pocket of red rock canyons and domes that are easily hiked on well-maintained trails.

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