Deeply Rooted Łódź, Poland

Hello… Hello… from a new city, that I got to explore this summer.

Grab your coffee & let me whisk you to Poland’s Lodz.

Łódź is a city right in the center of Poland. As much as it has the modernity, its loaded with old world charm. Poland has been through a lot as a country but the positive outlook of its people is so refreshing & heart warming. Lodz has seen the vivid times with war, rise of textile industry & Art & Films but One can still soak up in the vintage aesthetics of restored architectural marvels, wall arts & cobbled streets.

I enjoyed the slow pace of lyf and relaxed vibes. you know where you just chill, go to markets, lived in an 18th century cotton mill, jog in its lustrous greens & feed the ducks.

An 18th century Cotton & Linen Mill, Built by Karol Scheibler. The richest industrialist of that era known as the King of Cotton & Linen of Lodz
Cotton Mills turned Apartments
Duck Pond
Another Refurbished Factory turned to largest Shopping Mall.. Manufaktura
War memorial at Radegast Train Station

LODZ Ghetto, Ghetto means the slum area or area where people of minority are kept confined. During the World War -II, Under the Nazi’s rule several Ghettos were created where the Jews from all of Europe were transported via trains in horrific conditions to these Ghettos for sorting like Animals. Nazi’s SS troops sort them firstly among Men, Women & Children. Children to be killed in there concentration camps directly in few Hours. Men & Women to be executed later after they serves the purpose of slave laborer by gassing in ghastly Gas Chambers.

Poland was the most affected during the WWII, as it was neighboring to Germany so Nazis have setup their death factories, Concentration camps & Experimentation Labs for finding new, cheaper & convenient method for doing mass murders. Convenient to the Murders Not the Victims.

Jews from Lodz ghetto were then transported to Auschwitz in Krakow, Poland. Auschwitz was the biggest Holocaust Camp Site in the history of World. Nazi’s SS Force killed nearly 11 Million Jews in Auschwitz between 1939 to 1945.

Cattle Wagons for Transporting Jews to Ghettos.

Most of us have largely read about those macabre incidents in books etc but to actually see that site & experience the death like emptiness of the place haunts you for what worst humans could do.

It was a moving experience where you just stand and say a little prayer in your heart & feel sorry on behalf of whole of humanity.

Ducks loved the bread
Piotrkowska Street
Piotrkowska Street holds the various sculptures of Polish Writers, Singers, Showmen.
Mr. Poet

That’s All Folks..

Hope you liked the city & my views on this historic heritage.

Bye for now & let me quickly catch that plane to home.

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  1. Superb Neha … the photographs took me to Poland actually for few seconds and awesome details …. that was quick would love to visit the photos and the historic info again ..

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