Mountains are calling !!! & they are asking Humans to Back Off ๐Ÿ˜

If you are an Indian reading this or have visited mountains anywhere in India this summer. Even so on long weekends, then you must have realized that mountains are choking with all the uninvited so-called travelers.

We have reached on top of these mountains which has the capacity to handle only a handful but here we are with all our fancy cars, selfie sticks, beer bottles and packets of chips to become a tourist on these delicate pieces of land.

The Monk
The Monk

It is very easy to travel these days, thanks to all the travel websites sprouting and showing traveling as a piece of cake and something you must. The Idea to travel is correct, you must travel to broaden your Horizons but it takes a lot more effort and conscious decisions to travel Sustainably. And to follow the rules of the land you are visiting like driving in mountains.

A true traveler or tourist should Always respect the local inhabitants, respect the culture and respect the nature, you are taking selfies with.

Be compassionate towards nature because if we disturb nature, nature will disturb us. If we keep on continuing with this pace there will be a time soon when mountains will have nothing more than valleys filled with hotelโ€™s complimentary water bottles, cold drink bottles and all kinds of plastic waste.

I have seen people doing all kind of shit things after going to the places like these which make me Sulk like Sheldon. Once a Couple was shampooing in Holy Ganges on the Ghats. No Kidding.

Related image
We have to change our outlook towards vacation and let there be no more Shimla or Kasol or Manali like tourists stampede situation ultimately contributing to water woes or hotel crises.

This post is not meant for ranting but a request for all to save the mountains and let next generations also be awestruck by these high low pockets of nature.

ASK yourself are you doing enough to preserve the nature.

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