Eastern & Southern Temples of Khajuraho.

Before the Year ends, Let me quickly pen down my thoughts & delicious pictures from Ancient Temples of Khajuraho.

After Western Temples of Khajuraho, Let me whisk you to Eastern & Southern Temples of Khajuraho.

Tourist mostly prefers Western Temples as they are more famous and erotic 😉 But they are also equally old  & equally breathtaking.

Eastern Temples are mainly a bunch of Jain Temples situated in a consecrated ground.

These Temples are Small but cozy.
Main Temple entrance
That Smile ..

Southern Temple complex has only one temple called Dulhadeo and is dedicated to Lord Shiva in the form of Linga. It is belived that newly married couple used to visit this temple to pray to lord shiva for the long life of the groom hence called Dulhadeo.

We met a nice couple here from the UK who appreciated the beauty of the temples and lush green gardens. It felt really nice to hear that for your country.

Chaturbhuj Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The Temple has a status of Lord Vishnu with four hands, which means Chaturbhuj in Sanskrit.

Stunning Isn’t it.

The whole Statue is carved out of one single stone and is the only temple which lacks erotic Scultptures.

We also visited an excavation site of a Temple by Archaeological Survey of India. It was a first time I have seen an excavated site as shown in discovery channel or something.

Excavated Temple

All Khajuraho Temples are now taken care by Archaeological Survey of India. I had the chance to talk to one of the officials of ASI, and Boy !!! I was amazed to know that it takes 2 whole years to clean a big temple like Vishwanath Temple. Not only it must have taken times to create these marvels, it tests man’s perseverance even now.

Khajuraho renovation work
The Black portion is the uncleaned part.

Thankyou for stopping by the blog. Hope you liked the pictures and wish you to visit the place on your own and experience the amazing weather of Khajuraho.

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