Heritage Temples of Khajuraho, India

Western Group of Temples

In the quest of finding my forever love for beautiful architecture and historic monuments, we head towards Khajuraho temples which marvels in both.

I was reading something on these temples in the beginning of the year and since then was dying to experience them in person.

Khajuraho temples were built between 9th to 12th century AD by the affluent kings of Chandela dynasty.

There kingdom was prosperous, abundant and splendid where Sun shines the brightest on Golden Khajur trees hence named Khajuraho.

Needles to say temples were built by the exceptional sculptors with precise knowledge of Astrology, Architecture & Art. It is evident these sculptors were given full liberty in depicting there vision & art however challenging & Erotic it may seem.

Erotic Art is only a small part associated with these temples but is not the crux of them. These poses are only sculpted on the outer sides of the temples, never inside. Legend has it that before you enter the temple to pray, you must take circle(parikrama) around it to see all the Stages of Life be it, 9 Planets(represents Man’s connection to supreme power), Dancing Apsaras (represents opulent lifestyles & prosperity), Family (richness of relations), Erotic poses (When Man & Women devotes themselves to pure love), Reproduction (Sacred process of giving birth hence completing the circle of Life).

Once you have seen of all these or came out of all the phases strong, you are ready to be a devotee of the God.

Vishwanath Temple
Vishwanath Temple
Nandi Status In Front of Vishwanath Temple. The whole Statue is carved out of single Sandstone. Incredible Isn’t it?
All the Temples has Elephants & Horses relay on the base of the temple depicting like they are carrying the temple on their backs.
Posing .. Pun Intended
Sculptures depicting families & relationships.
Nandi Temple
Exquisite detailing on the temple walls.
Kandariya Mahadev Temple

It’s absolutely Inspiring to see how these massive & beautiful structures were made only by Interlocking the Sandstones without cement or any modern machinery

Kandariya Mahadev Temple is the largest Shiva temple in all of Khajuraho. It sits up on approx. 13-15ft height hence you need to take the plight of stairs to reach the top. These Temples have seen the test of time in 1000years. There Sandstone might be aged but they are still standing elegantly with proud.

Chitragupta Temple in the middle dedicated to Surya or Sun God.
Follow your roots
Entrance studded with Scultpures
View from Kandariya Mahadev Temple. Don’t miss the detailing on the entrance.. All hand carved on sandstone.
Lakshmana Temple
Insides of Vishwanath Temple
Nymph  Dancer……  Look at the pearls of her jewelry & belly button looks like she’s about to open her eyes. Such Elegance in the posture.
Attention to Detail. There is Dragon like creature in the second line, which was the symbol of Chandela Dynasty. I never knew that Indian kings as well were fond of Dragons.
Exploring life with him in Tow.
These Magnificent Structures are the epitome of God’s Grace & Human Perseverance… Details.

I tried to capture all the details in one single post… but only able to complete half of Khajuraho Temples.

Hope you enjoyed the picture of the Heritage Temples of Khajuraho…. Stay tuned for Eastern & Southern Group of Temples.


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