Cape Town, It’s Mucking Afazing

Cape Town is the fucking amazing place to be in a lifetime. Strategically located between mountains and Ocean with a right mix of eclectic shimmering blue beaches, pink sunsets, white sands & an inspiring history. Just the way I like it ♥

Now I understand why Cape Town is a favorite holiday destination for celebrities around the world. but I have my own reasons to fall in love with the Cape, it’s the sound of waves hitting the rocks, Seagulls squawking was music to my ears, the Stalker Table mountain- it follows you all over the place, delicious vineyards, warm happy people & thriving marine life.

Places like these bring out the best in you and make you realize life throws back what you throw at her. Feed her with Love, Passion, and pleasures It will bounce back. See Capetown turned me all philosophical 😉

If you have the tendency to get restless after seeing holiday pictures then Stop & Beware this could be fatal to watch and may hypnotize you to leave impromptu. and it’s going to be a very long post because capturing a piece of heaven takes effort.

Few of the things we did in Cape Town 😀 which can be shared publicly 😉 😆

1. Cape Peninsula: Cape of Good Hope is believed to be the southernmost tip of the African Continent beyond which lies the kaleidoscopic Sea. It’s inside the Table Mountain Natural park which not only has good hope but Cape point, Ostriches, fynbos which is kind of bushes which grow nowhere else on earth and is endangered. Apart from which there lies a point of where Vasco da Gama set foot and their born an awesome country called Suid Afrikaans.

Welcome to our space.
Cape of Good Hope
Top view of Cape of Good Hope
Cape of Good Hope… We treked on this stoney mountain
Along the way
At the Top
Fynbos – They doesn’t grow anywhere else o the earth
This is where two oceans meet – the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean on the west and the warmer Indian Ocean waters on the east.
Cape Point Southern Tip of African Continent
Travelling with him was a dream come true.
Trekking was tough but was hell achieved

2. Simon’s Town: Cute little harbor town famous for adventurous water sports activities like windsurfing & swimming with sharks 😡  Simon also houses endangered life but now well conserved African Penguins and Baboons.

Cape conserves and respect anything and everything that breaths.Thing to Learn from them.


This is the first time I have seen Penguin and they are quite disciplined, always walk in line, go for the swim together eat together. quite fascinating to watch.




Penguins!!! YAY!!!
Boulder’s Beach They have the whole beach for them… Lucky huh
Always move in groups
Colourful Changing Rooms at the beach
It was such a beautiful day
Water was absolutely clear and Freezing
Me !!! Me !!! Me!! Soaking the moments
Love Birds

3. Victoria and Albert Water Front: Proudly named after Queen of England and her elder son Albert, V&A Waterfront is one of the most poised Social space in SA. The area is surrounded by ocean and canal and its house owners include Madonna, Oprah, and Leonardo. There’s always live music bands and parties ongoing and Luxurious Yachts anchored just like we have cars parked outside ours. It’s nice to spend evenings in such places or mental balance. I kid you not 🙄

4 Noble Prize Winners  from South Africa
V&A Waterfront
Stalker Table Mountain seen from V&A Waterfront
Flamboyant Seagull
Nap time for Seals they jump from water to get there.
Yatchs Pick your ride
Big Wheel at V&A
What is it with people in SA with dancing. They know hoe to live life. I wish I could share their music.
CHEERS!!!! To Life and living it to the fullest!!!!!

More Magic from Capetown to be continued in next Post. Bear with me..

If you like the pictures do share in comments.

Good Night ♥♥

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