Lion and Safari park, Johannesburg SA

A Big hello to All!!!

Lion & Safari park marked the beginning of my South African adventure holidays. This is my second time into the South African wilderness and I loved the country even more.

It’s the perfect park to get familiar with the African roads and wild animals if you are going to be on a long holiday in the country. It’s around 70 km from Joburg as locals call the beloved city.

Lion park allows you to get as close to the wildlife as you could have ever imagined. Authorities have maintained the safari as completely natural habitat for animals and you are going to be in the cage.. well in the car not a cage in this case. Drive through safari will give you the right amount of adrenaline rush when you drive at a speed of 10km/hr right past the pride of white Lions or jump in your seats when wild dogs will sit on your car’s roof or when the zebra’s give you that look of “Ohh C’mon give me a break”

You can feel your inner child peeping in at the first site of animals. Safari area is quite big and will take at 3 hrs to drive through it. entry tickets are around 170Rands p.p. if you want to do the safari with your car else they have their own safari jeeps. The speed limit is around 40-50km/hr to 10km/hr depending upon the animal’s movement. This is like going on a treasure hunt with maps provided to you and it’s up to you to be able to read the map and reach that area.

And after a nice and fulfilling day into the fields, you will get covered in dust and soil even if you are not allowed to get out of the car or roll down window panes at most of the areas. You will definitely require a nice drink and meal, which safari offers in the lap of the jungle.

Enjoy the Safari from my rolling eyes….





lionfullsizerender 5



fullsizerender 8




fullsizerender 2

fullsizerender 13









fullsizerender 3



If you have been to the park.. Do share your thoughts on it and if you wish to go.. then stay tuned for my coming post on How to plan trip to South Africa without breaking the bank.

Hope you liked the picture.

Bye for now  ♥♥♥

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