The end is the New Beginnings, Happy New Year 2017

Can Somebody kick me in the butt.. so that I wake up from the dream that 2016 is asking for closure.

I like new years. They bring a feeling of starting over again, make things right again if not already and having a fresh year to roll over with the new experiences.

It’s astounding how we leave the whole year behind, no matter if that was good, bad, average or worst. There lies a new book to write on, a new dream to live on & even new hobbies to pursue on.

2016 had been an elaborate year for me. Unfortunate Loss of some humble souls, met with amazing people, traveled to places, lost weight, dined out, gained weight and had a fun time being ALIVE.


Speaking of New Years, Resolutions comes handy. I am not much of a resolution person but last year I made one be fit and kind of achieved it for good part of it. Coming Year I think am gonna work on my concentration & focus to accomplish certain things I think I should.

While I wish to make a better version of myself in coming years to be. I cannot thank God enough for watching over me and perpetually working overtime to keep me in good hands.

Chronicles of 2016 for all of you and me.

Anniversary Celebrations in Goa


A Ford in the House. Someone is this pic cried like a baby while departing from his old car. Men & Machin. #Inextricable.


My Dad Retired and here’s to his new beginnings.
Traveled to new places & Met with nice people #Dream
When your Kid Sister achieve Masters in Trump land. All you can think of the day she was born and you asked parents to dump her since you don’t want to share your limelight as a child. But here she is chasing her Dream and Thrive in an Alien land all by herself. #ProudMoment.

Deeply excited for the New year to start and new Dreams to Chase and Milestone to Achieve.

On this note,  I wish Happy New Year to all of you and thank you for showing love to this little space of mine.

Don’t Stop Dreaming coz you are still living…

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