Tempting Tampere,Finland

Hey Guys,

I read somewhere that Happiness is a place between Too Little and Too Much. So Here I am in a Happy Place between too Little Time and Too Much to explore.I am in Tampere, Finland.

It was a quick trip for work to the sub zero temperature country. Tampere has very few places to explore most of them are century old Churches.

It was a super hectic and exhausting week. City is chilled out like other cities in Finland.Everyone is super helpful and friendly in here so you can be relaxed about the safety and food.

Enjoy few of the pictures I clicked while my stay in Tampere,Finland. It has been a Fabulous stay, would always love to return to the country.

Orthodox Church Built in 1899
Orthodox church has Russian architecture as finest masterpiece.
The Orthodox Church is considered to be one of the most beautiful building in Tampere.
From where I stand.
Roaming around πŸ™‚
During the Breaks
Water Wind and Snow..
Tampere Cathedral built in 1907
There are large altarpieces painted on the walls inside called The Garden of Death & The Wounded Angel.
Snow walks




Sun showed up after a week
Outside my Office
Mischievous Men
Until Next time Finland πŸ™‚

Do share if you have been to Finland.

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