The Immortal Love, Agra India

A Big Hello to All!!!!

Taj Mahal is one of the most immortal symbol of love. It’s no secret unless you have been living under a stone. Its no brainer that this white Marble Mausoleum is Built by the Moghul emperor Mr. ShahJahan for his most beloved wife Mumtaz who died while giving birth to their 14th Child. Yes 14th!!!!!

I recently traveled to Agra for much needed weekend break. Its been an amazing trip with long drive and slumberous sleeps.

Taj Mahal has an aura which holds you like a kid in candy store. Topping it up with pleasant morning and little nip in the air, it sure was a delightful memory to cherish for many years to come.

While I highly recommend you to travel and see for yourself but till that enjoy my pictures that are a bit hazy due to fogy whether.

2015-11-28 13.44.24
Grand Entrance

2015-11-28 13.45.48

2015-11-28 13.48.37
First Impressions are usually the best
2015-11-28 13.50.17
Picturesque Taj!! This magnificent structure has deservedly earned itself a place on every list from UNESCO’s Most Treasured Heritage Sites to the Seven Wonders of the World.
2015-11-28 16.44.15-3
How many ways can you say Magnificent ????

Taj is on the banks of Yamuna River. It was planned by the Moghal folks to build another Taj Mahal on the other side of the river in Black Marble. Even laid the foundation which can be seen on other end but then it never happened.. I guess change in plans 🙂


2015-11-28 16.44.14
That’s Probably me.
2015-11-28 14.33.06
Grand Structures to safe guard Taj from all Sides.
2015-11-28 16.44.15-1
Taj as a Structure is a combination of Persian, Iranian and Indian Architecture.


2015-11-28 14.19.14
The Taj Mahal appears pink in the morning, white in the day and changes its color to golden in the moon light.
2015-11-28 14.07.23
Blessed to have this …. Wanderer for life.
2015-11-28 13.57.14
Taj Museum
2015-11-28 15.06.43
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Cradle of Humankind and Sun City Palace,Strekfontein

Hey my Friends,

Have You seen the Google Doodle yesterday? Well that marked the 41st Anniversary of Discovery of Lucy.  Well Lucy Believed to be first 3000 or so year old skeleton of a female which was somewhat like a chimpanzee but was bi footed or so the researchers believe and giving her name Lucy after the Beatles Song.

You might be guessing why I am discussing Lucy? I happened to be fortunate  to Travel to South Africa where I visited Cradle of Humankind in Strekfontein near Johanesburg. Certainly Lucy was not Found their, she was found in Ethopia. But Mrs Ples was found in the caves of Strekfontein and is believed to be around 2400 year.

Its a mesh of Limestone caves and so deep to be like going in 18 floor down the surface of Earth. There was a crystal clear water lake and magnificent Limestone structures emerging from the core of the earth.

DSC01241 - Copy

DSC01243 - Copy
Cave Entrance
DSC01244 - Copy
Sterkfontein Caves World Heritage Site
DSC01248 - Copy
DSC01249 - Copy
Limestone Rock from volcanic eruptions.. It glows in dark
DSC01261 - Copy
Near the Lake with Guide Lara
DSC01265 - Copy
So Deep inside the Caves

Next Day we went to Sun City designed specially for Casino’s and man made beaches.. Super FUN 🙂 It has a Palace called Sun City Palace a world Heritage Site.

DSC01310 - Copy
Welcome to Sun City
DSC01342 - Copy
Beaches behind me
DSC01388 - Copy
Sun City Palace… A World Heritage Site
DSC01346 - Copy
Cross my Way…
DSC01356 - Copy
Grand Entrance at Sun City Resort
DSC01366 - Copy
Grand Elephant Statues

DSC01444 - Copy


Great Madiba
Airforce memoire
Beautiful Outdoors at Rustenburg Dam
The Chipmunks
POLIZIA.. Love this Picture
Until Next Time.. Stay Gorgeous