Living Deads at Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

Hey Folks,

So Finally I have met with the members of royal family from the valley of kings or rather seen the royal mummies discovered from valley of kings.

They are outstanding to say the least considering them to be thousands of year old still in good shape with teeth, nails and hairs intact after the mummification since 1330 BC.

We went to the Egyptian Museum  of Cairo where their is mummy of King Tutankhamun who arguably been the most famous king and holds enormous treasures in his tomb i.e. 110kgs of casket along with 11kg mask and 128 amulets, jewels and racing chariots. All of  which was made of (drumroll please . . .) You guessed it: solid gold.

Photography is prohibited in the museum , but I sneaked in some. You can check them out.

Egyptian Museum Ticket for 75 pounds
Stone Statues
Stone Casket
Glass Casket being damaged in 2011 Tahrir Square Revolution
Sacred Scarab beetles You can find live scarabs crawling around pretty much anywhere in Egypt. The beetle symbolizes creation, life and even rebirth. You must have seen them in Mummy returns 🙂
Random Museum Shot. Its Huge and has around 107 Halls to go through all the Artifacts.
Royal Mummy Only royal males were positioned with their arms crossed over their chest.
The Process to Create mummy is called Mummification which includes steps like removing organs from inside, Dry the body for 40 days, fill the body with Raisins and finally wrapping in cotton sheets. Quiet a task…no???
Paintings from Roman Era
Wall engravings
King Tut’s Mask of 11kg Solid Gold. He went to the grave wearing golden sandals. King Tut loved his race-cars. Six (6) speedy chariots were found in his tomb.He was wearing 143 amulets or magic charms in his mummy wrappings.
Trying to Combat a Hot Day
Poses 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my History class 🙂 Will be back soon more Post from Egypt.

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