Hasta la vista, Mexico

Hey Folks!!

Here is a quicky before I catch my long Flight back.

I read it somewhere that A Journey is best measured in friends rather than miles and somehow figured out that Mexico came out to be that special journey for me.
Its time to go home but will always cherish the time spent here, friends i made here & learn how to live life to the fullest.

Mexicans are the most warm bunch of humans I have ever met.  They live, they laugh,  they love and by love I mean some serious love making happens on this part of the planet all the time 😉 . They are very liberated towards adult entertainment with Strip clubs, gay clubs, dancing clubs and what not. Umm Umm never a dull day when in Mexico.

Mexicans are great Art lovers too. I have been to Chapultepec castle and boy what paintings they have is amazing and their grandeur can’t be described in words.

So here I’ll leave you with the pictures while I brave to say goodbye to Mexico to say Hello to Home.

Make it Large 🙂
My Friend
& More Friends
Statue at the Castle
Just posing
And This is how you take Control

All the Pictures are from the Chapultepec Castle, once the residence of a Mexican Emperor.


Castle from Outside





Hasta la vista.. Until next Time. Enjoy

One response to “Hasta la vista, Mexico”

  1. WHAT IS THE TITLE, AND WHO IS THE ARTIST OF THE MEME “TAKING CONTROL” PICTURE?!?!? I MUST KNOW. I search the interwebz all over for this, and cannot find the answer. WHY HAS THE INTERNET FORSAKEN ME?

    Might you know?

    You took a picture of it.


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