Keep Moving… & Lyf might take you to a cosy place

Hey Folks..

I am back to India last week with the mixed bag of feelings along with 7 hrs delay to an already 13hrs flight. It took forever to reach back home.

My Delayed Flight was also an experience in its own with thunderstorm outside and some nasty fellow Indians inside.

WHY…WHY Is it that people forgot that Kindness and manners are still free in the world.. and how you behave reflects the Family and Country you came from….well may be this is the way of God telling you that you are still better than others.

Anyways, Its been non stop shopping and Dinner with Friends and Family ever since i came back to catch up with the three month’s jet lag.

Below are some of the pics during my China Stay where i experienced extreme changes in whether. Enjoy 🙂

WP_20150220_024 (3)
Snow Fall.. Seen it first time.. Amazing 🙂

WP_20150220_022 (3)

WP_20150220_020 (2)



Symbol of China’s Growth… CCTV head office.




My Place


Finally Spring!!!

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